Bird Box

In 2014, a novel titled “Bird Box” published worldwide earning positive reception from book critics and readers alike. The book is about a pregnant woman who that a sinister force is forcing people to commit suicide after he/she sees The Monster in person. The key strategy to survive is to put a blindfold on, close windows from a house, turn off a television set & no social media in order to prevent an instant death.

A year earlier prior to the book’s release, movie studio Universal Pictures optioned the film rights with Andy Muschietti (It, Mama) to direct an adaptation, but dropped out in order to work on a faithful version of Stephen King’s It. In 2017, Netflix acquired the rights to produce Bird Box with Sandra Bullock in the lead role.

Bird Box streamed in 2018. It earned mixed reviews from critics & movie goers alike. Despite mixed reception, the film was watched by 45 million users. A game called, The Bird Box Challenge” created by four Twitch streamers went on to become a popular game for participants to wear a blindfold by trying to engage in eveyday life activities. If you’re interested, be warned, because a seventeen-year-old girl died from an oncoming car. If I were you stay away from public areas or roads. I’d rather be at home if I want to partake in this game.

The following review contains pivotal SPOILERS. If you’ve never read the book or haven’t seen the film adaptation, read at your own risk.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Sandra Bullock did a great job for her performance as Malorie.

Other Cast Members such as Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Jacki Weaver, Lil Rel Howery, BD Wong, Tom Hollander & Sarah Paulson all did a decent for their respective performances.

The Opening Flashback Scene perfectly sets up The First Act with citizens running for their lives from a deadly catastrophe.

Scare Factor didn’t feature too much “Jump Scares.”

Nine Inch Nails bandmates/Oscar winning composers Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross wrote music for the film.

Cinematography felt stable without suffering from technical issues throughout.

The two kids accompanied by Malorie are named “Boy” & “Girl.” Coincidently, Kratos, the main protagonist from the video game series “God Of War,” constantly calls his son, Atreus “Boy.” The titular game (not a remake nor reboot) came out in April before Bird Box streamed in December.

Each character (minus Machine Gun Kelly’s character Felix) had an interesting backstory.

Death Scenes are painfully gruesome with each character killing himself/herself after seeing The Monster.

Drawings of The Monster looked very creepy. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Cons: Oscar winning screenwriter, Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Lights Out) didn’t do so well adapting the book.

The Rapid River Scene has got to be one of the most illogical sequences I’ve ever seen. I know Malorie & the kids have their blindfolds in to avoid seeing The Monster, but how the actual flying fudge are they able to dodge big ass rocks? In real life, they would’ve been screwed!

I hate to break it to ya folks. The Monster’s physical appearance is never shown. Not a single glimpse from a character’s eyes. Gonna have to Double Down points for Netflix wasted a golden opportunity to show us what The Monster looks like. Can you imagine if The Monster from Cloverfield never showed us movie goers what he truly looks like? According to Sandra, The Monster is described as a “tall green creature with a demonic baby face.” Why would Netflix remove it, I think it’s pretty interesting but not as stupid as The Half-Human Half-Xenomorph creature from “Alien: Resurrection.”

One scene shows Malorie drinking a small shot of alcohol while pregnant. Remember the opening when she fell on the pavement as she’s running for her life? That felt realistic for a pregnant woman trying to survive with her unborn baby. Several days later, she idiotically risks her unborn baby’s health.

A Plot Hole involving a survivor named Gary, who witnessed The Monster when he used his former patients from an insane asylum so he could get a glimpse of the creature. Why didn’t Gary kill himself from seeing The Monster? It broke my Suspension Of Disbelief.

The Final Verdict: C, FOR CLUSTER FUDGE!

In my point of view, (no pun intended) Bird Box is another disappointment related to 2018 next to “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” “Venom,” “Tomb Raider,” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald” & “Uncle Drew.” If I were you, I’d skip Bird Box in favor of John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” that’ll keep you entertained from start to finish. I hope It: Chapter 2 will do justice as the first chapter did.

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