Nick’s Top 12 Film Controversies Of 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen from across the globe, I’ve decided to share you my real thoughts about Hollywood going through the ups & downs whether they managed to inspire us to become filmmakers, actors or producers, idolizing an icon, encouraging viewers to come up with unique storytelling techniques etc. Until public figures/movie studios unintentionally screw up really bad by pushing a bunch of people’s buttons to give them an instant call to The Whambulance.

Today’s editorial list involves my opinion on each one, please don’t grab your pitchforks or torches, I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I just want to reveal my personal thoughts about a controversial topic connected to motion pictures.

With the upcoming 90th Academy Awards Ceremony airing this Sunday on ABC, here is my Top 12 Film Controversies Of 2017.

12. Hackers Attempting To Stop Disney From Distributing Pirates 5

A “dramatization” of digital piracy.

A rumor spectulated that a group of online hackers “stole” Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, so they can earn themselves a hefty amount of ransom money in order to prevent Disney on not to distribute the film worldwide. In response, the studio dedicded take no for an answer by teaming up with the F.B.I. to hunt down who’s responsible for a possible threat, whether or not if this is true or false. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, officially confirmed that the hackers didn’t steal the movie, it turns out the rumors were completely false and decided not find out who the perpetrator started it from the beginning.

Internet Trolls I’m gonna let you in on a big tip on what not to do if you’re trying to come up with a preposterous get-rich-quick scheme, movie studios are taking online piracy extremely seriously, because they don’t want their expensive projects to become box office disasters. If this keeps happening across the globe, movie goers will continue to rely on online hacking as a sign on no longer going to movie theaters, causing various studios to loose billions of dollars in the process causing every single one to file for bankruptcy. Even worse, theaters will fatally become extinct like dinosaurs or human civilization at the end of A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

Remember that Simpsons episode called, “Steal This Episode?” You know the one with Homer, who gets fed up on going to the movies? As a result of his misdeed, karma finally bites him in the butt. Do you want to end up like Homer going to court or possibly be in bars? I hope my alternate future prediction of cinema doesn’t come true. Meaning will never get to see superheroes, historical epics, groundbreaking effects, etc.

11. Use Of Nazi Flags In Transformers 5

Outta respect to humanity, I didn’t upload the behind the scenes photo with the flags added, to avoid pissing people off.

Prior to the release of Transformers: The Last Knight, when The Cast & Crew were filming a scene located at Winston Churchill’s mansion. A scene featured huge drapes with swastikas covering Churchhill’s home, transforming it into a Nazi Headquarters. This caused a major uproar to World War II veterans who find it disrespectful to Winston’s legacy. In response to the controversy, Michael Bay stated that when the film comes out, movie goers will understand what the heck is going on. Winston’s grandson, defended the scene as he claims that the situation is just plain idiotic. I agree with him, you can’t pre-judge a certain element, once it comes out or if a film is suppose to be a what if scenario like Watchmen taking place in an alternate timeline.

Honestly, I don’t think the use of Nazi flags covering Chruchill’s home is offensive at all. I think everybody needs to chill hell out because this is entirely fictional like Captain America or Indiana Jones fighting Nazis. Remember that South Park episode when nobody freaked out with Cartman dressing up as Hitler for Halloween? He’s only doing that to seek attention and provoke his frenemy, Kyle. As a reminder to all you easily butthurt two-year-olds, this is entirely fictional and hire yourself a shrink to help you understand the difference between reality & fiction.

10. Split’s Depiction Of Multiple Personality Disorder

What’s the big deal about James McAvoy’s decent performance as Kevin?

After a string of critically panned flops, M. Night Shyamalan wrote and directed a film about a man with multiple personalities who kidnaps a group of friends and keeps them trapped inside a basement. Split became an unexpected both critically and commercially. However, it managed to spark controversy when an Australian mental health charity called “SANE,” claimed this movie is too stereotypical for victims who suffer this condition involving multiple personality disorders.

“Sigh.” Do I need to remind all you manchildren/womenchildren the difference between reality & fiction? I’m sorry guys, but this is absolutely frickin’ ridiculous. When I first saw Split, I didn’t bat an eye what’s wrong with James McAvoy’s character. I think this is just a stupid claim that a bunch sensitive morons who believe the antagonist is a negative stereotype. SANE would you care to explain the following fictional characters like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin & Eddie Brock/Venom who are portrayed as negative stereotypes? Did you somehow forget to address them as way too offensive? Y’all are a bunch of pretentious ignorant attention whores. You people need to get yourselves a shrink, due to your inability to tell what’s good or bad about a particular character!

9. Marketing Involving 9/11 Movie

Charlie Harper is not a winner, but a laughing stock.

A trailer for a film based on 9/11, received negative backlash on news media for its depiction of victims trapped in an elevator located inside one of The World Trade Center buildings. A bunch of people were condemning this movie before its actual release date on September 1st, just ten days before the 16th anniversary of that tragic event. Besides the trailer, Charlie Sheen, who is also a 9/11 conspirator, participated in the film. He also earned backlash for his involvement with The 9/11 Truth Movement, because he claims that the towers collapsed, due to a demolition accident. SNL cast member, Pete Davidson, called Charlie’s beliefs B.S. (look up B.S. on The Urban Dictionary) Pete stated that his father was one of the victims.

What I have to say about the marketing for the 9/11 film, is a failed attempt to easily earn an Oscar to make us audience members show us sympathy for people who died in that tragic event. Look I have nothing against films based on true events, if you’re gonna take a big gamble on a controversial event, you need to make sure you visit family members of a certain victim to seal their approval on why you want to make this picture. Steven Spielberg managed to direct Schindler’s List, honoring his Jewish heritage without earning a steady paycheck. He did it to show The Holocaust Survivors gratitude that there’s still hope for humanity and we will continue to show it to future generations.

Hollywood Studios, make sure you take notes on why you want to make a film based on a tragic event for the right reason, not to easily cash in or try to earn an Oscar.

8. The Emoji Movie Poster Spoofing The Handmaid’s Tales

If you haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale or watched the show, it’s f**ked up!

As you may know that The Emoji Movie is declared the winner for Worst Picture At The 2018 Golden Raspberry Awards. When Sony posted a tweet on Twitter to promote the film with a character dressed up as Elizabeth Moss’ character by mocking Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Sony earned a lot of negative backlash, due to The Handmaid’s Tale’s controversial themes involving, Slavery, Religion & worst of all, Procreate against The Main Protagonist’s will.

This is an example of not thinking this through. If you’re spoofing a particular movie or tv show, be sure to check every single episode or scene, if you want to avoid haters. Next time, you better think before you act, otherwise you’re gonna get demoted as a janitor for earning bad publicity in an embarrassing way. Imagine if an animated family film spoofs Django Unchained? Would that be a good idea for people? You tell me.

7. Wonder Woman Banned In Lebanon

FUCK RACISM! Wonder Woman will kick your ass!

You’ve got to be kidding me?! Why would a movie theater ban a motion picture based on a person’s heritage or nation? First of all, outside of America, a country called, Lebanon, banned Wonder Woman, due to Gal Gadot’s Jewish heritage and her birthplace located in Israel. I find that incredibly stupid. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you Hitler fans that you think it’s okay to ban a human being based on the color or nation of a person’s skin or heritage? Do me a favor and check yourself to an insane asylum! This isn’t World War II anymore! I respect eveybody’s race from across the world. If I worked as the manager of a movie theater, I would never approve on the idea on banning a movie based on a person’s race. I’d permanently ban a person for his/her negative beliefs.

Remember the arc words, “All Men Are Created Equal.” FUCK RACISM!

6. A Gay Character In Beauty & The Beast

Fellas! This isn’t Brokeback Mountain or Brüno! Josh Gad didn’t go overboard beating his meat!

Before the 2017 live action remake of Beauty & The Beast came out. Disney confirmed that Josh Gad’s character Lefou, as the first gay character to exist in Disney lore. This caused a major uproar to over-protective parents & bats**t intolerant Unite The Right Rally Members on refusing to let children see this movie. Russia pushed their rating to an R. Malaysia insisted that a scene involving a gay part, should be removed in The Final Cut.

As I’ve stated before in my review for Beauty & The Beast. There’s no gay moment in the film in which Lefou kissing a guy on the lips or getting it on. Disney somehow contradicted themselves on claiming that they’ve officially stated that Lefou is identified as a homosexual man. It turns out that “The Gay Moment” shows Lefou dancing with a man. Upon watching that scene, I literally facepalmed on why confederates want to ban this movie over something this isn’t in the film. If you want to ban a movie, you have to spot anything that is shockingly offensive or going too far, as in a live animal getting slaughter to death without the use of a dummy or C.G.I.

Honestly, I didn’t spot any gay people in the film or didn’t go way too far like Brokeback Mountain or Brüno. I’m gonna come clean with you fellow movie goers. I’m not gonna act like a Social Justice Warrior or choosing which side I’m supporting, I’m supportive to The LGBT community. Imagine if you’re future son or daughter gets banned at a particular event or birthday party because of his or her sexuality. If my future kid might come out to me telling he/she is gay or lesbian, I will support him or her as my child, no matter what.

I think the person responsible for claiming Lefou is gay, should be f**king fired for lying and damaging Disney’s image. For those who are too stupid to realize on banning the film early prior to its release, all you self-centered intolerant bigots need to f**k off for not acting like a descent human being.

5. Whitewashing

It’s not racist, Ghost In The Shell is an American live action adaptation.

Oh come on guys, do I need to go with all the details on whitewashing? Fine, I’ll go with a quick one, when Scarlett Johansson signed on to play Motoko Kusanagi (main character) in a live action adaptation of the manga/anime series, a truckload of people freaked out over the casting choice, because Scarjo isn’t Asian. All I have to say, it is not whitewashing. If you want to be easily offended, go watch Mickey Rooney playing a stereotypical Chinese man in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Now that’s an example of whitewashing. When I first heard the news the Scarjo is playing Motoko, I wasn’t offended, I thought it was an interesting choice. People on The Internet, you need to take a f**king chill pill before you see what’s gonna be offensive.

4. Kevin Spacey’s Past Misdeed

Why Kevin! Why did you act like a catholic priest?!

After Kevin Spacey finished filming his scenes for Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World, he comes clean on his Instagram account to issue an apology to an actor whom he sexually abused a long time ago, as a sign of forgiveness. However, his apology backfired, causing him to get fired from his starring role in Netflix’s House Of Cards, cancellation of a Gore Videl biopic & causing The Cast & Crew of All The Money In The World to reshoot the film by replacing Kevin with Christopher Plummer.

It’s a shame that one Hollywood’s most respected actors, who turns out to be a monster for sexually abusing a boy. This is what happens if you commit a past misdeed, everyone close to you, will disown you forever to point of no turning back, that’ll forever be cemented to your public image.


You used to be an influential icon to your peers! Now Hollywood will never work with you ever again, because of your actions you sick fuck!

3.  Michelle Williams’ Minimum Salary For All The Money In The World

Will somebody give this talented woman a proper paycheck!

With Kevin Spacey out of the picture, The Cast & Crew reunite to reshoot with Christopher Plummer taking over his role. The Reshoots were inflating the budget of the film, Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, while Michelle Williams was paid less than $1,000 because they were contracted to earn the selected amount of money. This caused a dispute to both genders not using the equal pay route. In response to the situation, Mark donated his salary to The Time’s Up Movement as a generous donation. Mark confirmed that he refuses to work with Christopher Plummer, unless he’s paid extra.

I think the reason why Mark demanded a bigger paycut at the time, is because he’s one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and he’s got a family to support. He’s just trying to be a responsible father/husband to his family so he can give his kids college money for the future. Michelle should’ve earned an equal cut like Mark, because she has a kid to look after due to Heath Ledger’s untimely death. Ridley Scott himself, also received a minimum wage. Which means she’s not alone.

The Producers who gave minimum salaries to both Michelle & Ridley, is considered a dick move! They’re both popular guys & gals! Michelle is gonna be in the upcoming Venom film, while Ridley is a high profile legendary filmmaker! Please cut them some slack!

2. La La Land’s Best Picture Snub

The Oscars pissed everybody off!

When Warren Beatty & Faye Dunway were presenting the award for Best Picture to finish The 89th Academy Awards, they opened the envelope and declared that La La Land is the winner. At first, everybody was cheering, I was very happy to see one of my favorite films of 2016 announced as the Best Picture winner, The Cast & Crew of La La Land were stoked and they couldn’t wait to celebrate their victory dance at an after party or drinking shots of champagne. Moments Later, The Academy confirmed that La La Land was the wrong choice for Best Picture, it was actually Moonlight, the true winner of the award. This became on of the biggest controversies in Oscar history.

A lot of people like me, were extremely appalled that The Oscars pulled The Ol’ Bait-And-Switch tactic on us. If I were The President Of The Academy Awards, I would’ve banned the person for lying to the public on national television. It shoud be a federal charge for lying on television, that could get you in serious trouble, if you don’t tell the truth, you earn yourself a ten year sentence to “The Slammer.” The Academy created a rule that this will never happen again. I hope Warren Beatty & Faye Dunway learned their lesson, because they’re both gonna present again at The 90th Academy Awards. They better wear glasses, in case they don’t want to screw this up big time! Steve Harvey is no longer the butt of jokes presenting the wrong person as the winner.

Dishonorable Mentions

Justice League’s Mixed Reception

The Last Jedi Reactions

Stockholm Syndrome In Beauty & The Beast

1. The Weinstein Effect

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have one sick son of a bitch!

You probably predicted that this is gonna be the number one controversy of 2017. It is by far worse than the ones I’ve listed as my Top 12 Film Controversies Of 2018. The Weinstein Effect is perhaps the biggest controversy of 2017. What is The Weinstein Effect? It all started when film producer/The Weinstein Company co-founder, Harvey Weinstein, was accused by many actresses who claimed he’s been harassing, abusing & worst of all raping every single woman he made contact with upon meeting him in person. Prior to revealing his crimes to the media, rumors speculated whether or not he labeled as a rapist. Seth McFarlane did a jab at him when he hosted The 85th Academy Awards.

After years of rumors surrounding Harvey’s harassments, it turns out they came true in the worst possible way. Over 84 Actresses who accused Harvey as a rapist, including, Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, Rose McGowen, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, among many others. In retaliation, The Weinstein Company fired Harvey for life because of his monstrous behavior towards the victims. The Victims created a hashtag labeled, #MeToo, as a symbol to prevent future sexual assaults from happening and created a movement called, “Time’s Up.” An organization to raise awareness involving sexual harassment.

It’s about time that the victims finally learned to stand up for themselves. We need to prevent future incidents from happening because it’s extremely unethical, which can cause millions of dollars or a 100 percent chance on getting a pink slip.

The Weinstein Effect was spreading with famous faces including Brett Ratner, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Rose, James Toback & Louis C.K. Such a same they’re deranged fucks.

Most of us feel betrayed on what they did to them. I’m happy that famous faces in Hollywood are gonna make some rules so we can stop this epidemic from spreading like a virus. I sympathize with the victims and I hope their influence will spread across the globe.

Phew! That’s all I got to share with you fellow movie goers from around the world. Tune in for The 90th Academy Awards. Be prepared for unpredictable moments that’ll probably be connected to The Weinstein Effect.

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