The Cloverfield Paradox

In 2008, a giant monster movie called “Cloverfield,” became an unexpected critical and box office success. After eight years of hectic development for the producers  including J.J, Abrams, to come up with a possible follow up, a stand-alone installment called, “10 Cloverfield Lane.” Like it’s predecessor, the second entry was also a critical and box office success. As a result, J.J. and his crew developed a third installment called “The Cloverfield Paradox.” This entry was originally gonna open in theaters worldwide, but they’ve decided to stream the latest entry on Netflix by revealing it in a 2018 Super Bowl advertisement.

Unlike its predecessors, The Cloverfield Paradox received negative reviews from critics and viewers alike.

Now that Cloverfield is confirmed to become an anthology film franchise as “The Twilight Zone” on the silver screen. A fourth entry called, “Overlord,” is set for an October release date this year, with J.J. Abrams returning to produce. Overlord is suppose to be a horror film set during World War II.

The following review contains potential SPOILERS. If you have not not seen this movie, read at your very own risk. Is it as terrible as people claimed as the weakest installment? Well let’s find out shall we?

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: The Cast did a solid job on their performances as crew members.

Special Effects looked realistically spectacular with exterior shots of The Space Station, made from C.G.I. and don’t forget who shows up at the end of the movie.

Set Pieces for the inside of The Space Station, was hand made by set decorators.

A Slusho bobblehead appears in this film. Slusho is one of J.J’s trademarks besides lense flares. He’s got an unhealthy obsession with lense flares.

The Monster from Clovefield makes a cameo appearance. Not kidding, y’all, a cameo appearance.

Negative: A British crew member at first, doesn’t react to his missing arm. If I were him, I would have screamed like Jonah Hill in “Accepted” or die from an instant heart attack.

The Main Plot got me puzzled and the mystery surrounding both the origins of Cloverfield & 10 Cloverfield Lane are never properly explained. Marvel films are capable of letting the viewer understand the mythology of the MCU without dumping a bunch of questions because each film helps the viewer explain what’s going after one movie to another.

Marketing for the film didn’t promise us viewers that The Monster from the first film is gonna return with a bigger role in an origin story and why it was transported or visited New York City in the first place. He’s reduced to a cameo appearance. EGADS! This is the 2014 version of Godzilla all over again, because he’s The King Of Monsters himself, is reduced to a small role!

Shaky Cam is often used. Producers of the Cloverfield franchise, this isn’t a found footage film guys & gals! Did they hire the mascot for Coca Puffs as the cinematographer behind the shenanigans?

The Crew Members aboard The Space Station, are completely forgettable. They weren’t interesting and lacked a specific backstory on why he or she signed on to go on a space mission. Without a backstory or motive, what’s the point on going on a space adventure?

I swear to god, I’m totally gonna be honest with you guys & gals that this isn’t a joke. The Disembodied Arm reminded me of Thing (not Ben Grimm or John Carpenter’s movie) from “The Addams Family.” Upon looking at it, the movie made me lose a couple of brain cells. It wasn’t scary, it was absolutely ridiculous just to witness a rip-off of Thing helping the crew members to see what’s going on with The Space Station! What’s next, encountering Uncle Fester to help him escape from his homicidal wife from “The Addams Family Values?!” Gonna have to Double Down this flaw for making me feel like a big buffoon!

The Final Verdict: C-

In my opinion, The Cloverfield Paradox is an underwhelming installment to the Cloverfield franchise. It lacks the substance without adding a new flavor to the series. Characters are completely one dimensionally forgettable I forgot their names. A ridiculous arm that reminded me of Thing from The Addams Family. Last but not least, a convoluted storyline which is difficult to understand the connection between Cloverfield & 10 Cloverfield Lane. If you want to see a proper sci-fi horror film set in space, I strongly recommend the “Alien” franchise or go see Natalie Portman’s new film “Annihilation!”

I hope Overlord gets the franchise back on track. If they don’t learn from their epic mistake, it’ll be like The 1929 Stock Market Crash that nearly destroyed The American Economy! I hope one day The Monster will cross paths with Godzilla in The MonsterVerse. Please Mr. Abrams, make this a dream come true to many Kaiju fans out there! Just give us a chance to see them duke it out on the big screen!

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