Flashback Review: Click

What happens if a businessman uses a universal remote to control aspects of his life to make certain things easier in his life both professionally and personally. The High Concept/What If Scenario, I’m referring to, is an Adam Sandler movie called, Click.

Click was released in The Summer Of 2006. It received negative reviews from critics and it made enough money at the box office. Click is the first Happy Madison film to receive an Academy Award nomination. (fellas, I’m not kidding, look it up)

Now that Hotel Transylvania 3 is slated be out in The Summer Of 2018, I want to spread the word of mouth for everybody to prepare for Adam Sandler’s next movie.

This review doesn’t contain any potential SPOILERS. It means you’re allowed to read this article, just in case if you’ve never got a chance to see the entire picture yet.

Forward & Backwards Elements

Forward: Adam Sandler did a hilarious job on his performance as Michael Newman.

Other Cast Members such as Christopher Walken, Kate Beckinsale, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner, Sean Astin & David Hasselhoff, all did a good job on their performances.

Humor in this movie managed to give me a bunch of laughs. The part that stands out the most, is when Michael strikes back at his boss. If you know what I mean?

One of Adam’s trademarks features 80’s music. Kinda like Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix. Speaking of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star-Lord’s childhood hero is in this movie, if you’ve seen Vol. 2, you probably know who I’m referring to.

Character Development involving Michael, as he learns what happens if he constantly messes with the remote, dire consequences will arise.

A character mentioned An unseen character named, Eric Lamensoff. Seven Years Later, Eric is seen as one of the main characters from Grown Ups along with its sequel. He is portrayed by Kevin James. Does this mean that Click and Grown Ups exist as a universe like American Horror Story known for crossing over characters from various seasons?

Michael’s 10 year old next door neighbor is named, Kevin O’Doyle. A reference to Billy Madison’s running gag. You’re gonna be surprised that Cameron Monaghan (Jerome Valeska/Joker from Gotham) is in this movie as Kevin O’ Doyle. No wonder the kid grew up to be Batman’s archenemy!

Michael uses the remote to change his skin color to resemble The Hulk. Three Years Later, Adam went on to star in Funny People, co-starring former Hulk actor, Eric Bana. Funny People was directed by Judd Apatow, (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) his former roommate.

One character mentioned Wolverine. X-Men: The Last Stand came out the same year as Click. As a fanboy of Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman worked with Christian Bale, (Batman) in The Prestige.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, one character wears a Bart Simpson t-shirt. Julie Kavner, who plays Adam’s onscreen mother, is really the voice of Marge Simpson. Looks pretty meta to me.

Cinematography didn’t feature the use of Shaky Cam heavily throughout.

Oscar Winning Make-Up Artist, Rick Baker, (An American Werewolf In London, The Nutty Professor) applied Prosthetic Make-Up on Adam to make himself look older in the future. Now we know why Happy Madison earned its Oscar nomination from the man who built fatsuits for Eddie Murphy.

A fart scene made me laugh uncontrollably. I have a fascination of flatulence which is played for laughs.

My Favorite Line in this film is, “Come on I love you, bring me back the twinkies!”

Terry Crews, Nick Swardson, Jonah Hill, James Earl Jones, (in a voiceover role) Rob Schneider & Dolores O’Riordan, (recently deceased lead singer of The Cranberries) make cameo appearances.

Backwards: Adam’s unhealthy fetish for Product Placement features the following brands including, Sony, Hostess, Wendy’s, Best Buy, Staples, 7-11, Lay’s, Coca-Cola (courtesy of Sony owning a percentage of Coca-Cola) and Bed, Bath & Beyond used heavily for the story. Adam if you’re reading this, you definitely need to check yourself into rehab, due to your obsession with Product Placement!

The Tone for the film can make the viewer feel lost. Its as if the film lost its identity to be labeled as a comedy-drama or an all out comedy film.

After Michael fast forwards to 2017, jokes about a certain celebrity, is not as funny as they once were for a film that came out in 2006. Let’s just say it hasn’t age pretty well.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BELLY LAUGHTER!

In my opinion, Click is one of Adam Sandler’s good films. If you’re a fan of Adam’s work, I recommend this movie. Honestly, I thought Click wasn’t THAT much of a terrible film like Jack & Jill or That’s My Boy. Trust me my fellow movie goers, you’re gonna laugh your butts off with Adam using a remote control.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Review: Click

      1. I saw the first Hotel Transylvania film in the theater opening weekend, and he was as good as I expected him to be in that role. The main reason I saw that film in the theater though, was the fact that Genndy Tartakovsky was the director of the film. He worked on several big cartoons of my childhood, such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and The Powerpuff Girls.


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