Baby Driver

In 1995, future filmmaker Edgar Wright, listened to a song called, “Bellbottoms,” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. This inspired him to come up with a bank robbery/car chase scene. Seven Years Later, he adapted the idea on directing a music video called “Blue Song” for the band, Mint Royale. After directing a string of successful films including Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, Edgar went to expand his idea involving bank robbing music lovers, by crafting a full length feature film called, Baby Driver.

Baby Driver was released in the summer of 2017. Upon the film’s release, it became an unexpected critical success among critics and movie goers alike. Plus it made enough cash at the box office.

The Story is about a young getaway driver under the codemame, Baby, (played by Ansel Elgort) after a successful heist, he wants to leave the criminal underworld, so he can start a normal life and begin a relationship with a girl he likes. However, his former boss named Doc, (played by Kevin Spacey) persuaded him to come back and perform the biggest heist of their career with the help of a veteran robber named Buddy, (played by Jamie Foxx) if Baby wants to keep his girl safe, he must play along.

This review doesn’t contain any potential SPOILERS. You’re ok to read this article, if you’ve never seen it.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: Cast Members such as, Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Hamm, & Jon Bernthal, all did a wonderful job on their respective performances.

Action Sequences are filled with car chases and bullets.

Humor this film, kept me laughing. For example one of the robbers wear an identical outfit.

Practical Effects were used to create The Action Sequences that managed to prevent me from looking at my phone.

Edgar selected many songs for the soundtrack depicted in the movie and they fit perfectly for several scenes. I’m gonna assume that James Gunn helped him out in which song perfectly fits for a specific moment. I’m also giving Edgar, Bonus Points for synchronizing both the choreography and soundtrack, because it felt like a music video that keeps you invested.

According to Edgar, primary influences for his film are, Reservoir Dogs, Point Break, Straight Time, and Heat.

Baby’s backstory reveals the reason why he always wears his headphones throughout the entire movie. I refuse to tell you about his detailed origins. You’re gonna have to see for yourself.

The title for the movie is taken from a Simon & Garfunkel song, and it’s also played during The End Credits.

If you’re a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, Flea appears as one of  Doc’s fellow cohorts.

The best way to describe Baby’s personality, is a combination of Han Solo & Peter Quill/Star-Lord. Because he’s dressed like Han and he also has his own Awesome Mix of songs like Peter.

Chemistry between Baby & Debora, (his love interest) felt normal. They’re perfect for each other. Now this is a better romance than that disgusting film, The Fault In Our Stars. Do you remember that Ansel played Shailene Woodley’s onscreen brother in The Divergent Series? You’re gonna be appalled that he played the love interest of Shailene in The Fault In Our Stars. Look it up it’s both true and disgusting at the same time! No wonder hillbilly producers got away with it by winning an MTV Movie Award!

One character mentions that he doesn’t like Monster’s Inc. Kevin Spacey voiced Hopper in Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. Sounds like a meta-reference to Kevin’s career. By the way, Cars 3, and Coco, also came out the exact same year Baby Driver.

Negative: For those who don’t understand Sign Language like me, there’s subtitles on display. Thankfully, Edgar manages to cut to a scene to reveal that Baby & his foster dad explain what’s going on, so I’m giving this flaw a pass.

I’m giving this film an Extra Point for Edgar, for making this picture fun and flawless at the same time.

Product Placement featuring certain brands including, iPod, Sony, (obviously the same company) Chevrolet, Sprite, & Coca-Cola. (Sony owns a percentage of The Coca-Cola Company) I’ll give this flaw a pass for not shoving to much brands down my throat.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

In my opinion, Baby Driver kept me entertained in the passenger’s seat to witness all the action, as well as listening to Baby’s songs without making me look at the time. I strongly recommend this movie if you’re a fan of Edgar Wright’s work since The Three Flavors Cornettos Trilogy. Trust me, you’re gonna have a fun ride!

Edgar announced that Sony Pictures wants him to work on a sequel to Baby Driver. Right now he’s currently working on ideas for a screenplay.

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