Unaccompanied Minors (WB’s Flops Vol. 1 #4)

Hello fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s review is about one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. It’s about a small group of kids that are stuck in an airport, due to a snowy blizzard blocking the exit door. They attempt to leave the area as one of them has a sister who is left behind, while being chased by an airport manager. The Plot I’m referring to is from “Unaccompanied Minors.”

Unaccompanied Minors was released in 2006. (same year Babel came out) At the time of it’s release, it earned mixed or average reviews from critics, plus it was a box office bomb. As in Pluto Nash bombed! But it has now become a Christmas comedy classic among others.

The following review doesn’t contain any big fat SPOILERS. Which means you are allowed to read it. Just in case if you never ever ever seen this movie.

Nice & Naughty Elements

Nice: The Kid Actors consisting of Dyllan Christopher, Quinn Shepard, Tyler James Williams, (young Chris Rock from Everybody Hates Chris) Gina Mantegna, (Joe Mantegna/Fat Tony’s real life daughter) & Brett Kelly, (the fat kid from Bad Santa) all did a great job on their respective performances.

The Adult Actors including Lewis Black, (one of my favorite stand-up comedians) Rob Riggle, Wilmer Valderrama, & Rob Corddry, also did a great job on their respective performances.

Lewis Black’s character, Oliver Porter, hands down, has got to be one of my favorite villains of 2006, next to Frank Costello (from The Departed) Le Chiffre, (from Casino Royale) Owen Davian, (from Mission Impossible 3) & Alfred Borden (from The Prestige)

Opening Credits featuring logos from Warner Bros. (WB for short) and Village Roadshow Pictures, indicates that this film is gonna be fun for the whole family.

Comedy in this picture managed to give me a bunch of laughs from start to finish.

A fart scene is in this movie. I have a fascination of flatulence.

Cinematography looked spot on well without any technical difficulties.

We get to learn most of the characters backstories, prior to being stuck in the airport.

My favorite part of the whole movie, is a Dance Scene with the kids. It’s not forced, it represents that they’re sharing a moment as friends. What I just saw is far more superior than Tobey Maguire’s Dance Scene in Spider-Man 3!

I’m gonna assume that Quentin Tarantino was inspired by this film so he can make “The Hateful Eight,” which is also about a group of people stuck in one place during a snowy blizzard. I guess the kids were “The Hateful Five” before Quentin made his own group of fascinating characters.

One of the kids owns an Aquaman action figure. The King Of Atlantis’ fellow comrade Superman, starred in his solo movie in “Superman Returns,” the same year Unaccompanied Minors came out.

In one scene, a few kids play Texas Hold Em.’ The James Bond reboot, “Casino Royale” came out a month before Unaccompanied Minors.

During a flashback with one of the kids, there’s a symbol of The Texas Flag. I have to give this pro an Extra Point, because I’m a Texan myself!

I’m not gonna lie, Paul Feig had the guts to include a Leatherface (main antagonist from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) reference. I’m giving it an Extra Point for giving me a double dose of laugher! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, also came out the exact year Unaccompanied Minors came out.

B.J. Novak, David Koechner, Kristen Wiig, Mindy Kaling, & Al Roker, have cameo appearances.

Fun Fact: Mindy & Lewis went on to co-star in Pixar’s “Inside Out.”

One scene pays tribute to an episode of Beavis & Butthead’s “Tired.” Mike’s Judge’s cult film “Idiocracy,” came out the same year.

A character lampshades a cliche line by saying, “We’ve got company!”

The Climax felt like I was watching a Mad Max Christmas movie. George Miller, if you’re reading this, I triple dog dare you to make a Mad Max Christmas movie!

Naughty: Product Placement featuring the following brands such as, Toshiba, Mircrosoft, and Starbucks. I’ll give this flaw a pass because I couldn’t find any other brand to spot with my own two eyes.

I’ll give this movie an Extra Point for Paul Feig, along with The Cast & Crew, for making this movie as flawless as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

In my opinion, Unaccompanied Minors has got to be one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. If I were you, I strongly recommend this picture for you and your family members, whether it’s your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, it’s a must watch. So what are you waiting for? Get off your tushies and watch this movie right now! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

What the heck is wrong with you fellow critics. Come on! That was an excellent movie!

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