Flashback Review: Disney’s The Kid

Before Looper gained universal acclaim from both critics and movie goers alike, one film related to Bruce Willis’ career was the first to happen, that film is called Disney’s The Kid.

The Kid was released in 2000, (the same year Unbreakable came out) it received mixed reviews from critics and it made enough cash at the box office.

Do you know what The Kid and Looper both have something in common? They both have a film starring Bruce Willis, who meets his younger self. Now that Looper director, Rian Johnson, is officially the director of The Last Jedi, he must’ve felt encouraged to make his own version of The Kid. I want to give you fellow movie goers my actual thoughts on what’s good or bad about The Kid.

Yay: Bruce Willis & Spencer Breslin, both did a good job on portraying both adult and child versions of Russ.

Other Cast Members such as, Emily Mortimer, and Lily Tomlin, (Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus) also did an ok job on their performances.

One character watches Ed, Edd n Eddy on TV. I’ll give this Bonus Points for Disney airing something related to Cartoon Network. (One of WB’s subsidiaries)

Fun Fact: The sole reason Bruce, signed on to star in this movie, is because he wants his kids to see him in a film that doesn’t involve Hard R Actio Movies that he’s primarily known for.

Larry King, Matthew Perry, (Chandler from Friends) makes cameo appearances Matt and Bruce became good friends on the set of The Whole Nine Yards. Bruce went on to guest star in Friends, as a repayment for allowing Matt to participate in this movie.

Russ mentions he used to have a speech therapist, in Real Life, Bruce used to have a speech therapist to overcome his stutter back when he was a kid, he also credits his acting career for helping him overcome it.

Character Development involving Russ, due to his chemistry with his younger self.

We get to learn about Russ’s childhood on why he became an apathetic cynic.

A Red Plane is shown as a recurring Plot Element.

I’m gonna give this film an Extra Point for inspiring Rian Johnson, to come up with his own version of The Kid.

The Best Line in this movie, is “Somebody call The Whambulance!”

One Scene Made a reference to Die Hard 2, is when Russ dodges a plane.

Nay: Product Placement featuring the following brands such as, Apple, and Game Boy. Those are the only two brands I can find and I’ll give this con a pass.

Other characters besides adult Russ, also see eight year old Russ, but the extras never noticed the magic diner that both Russes go to, often appears and disappears in certain locations.

There’s never been an explanation on how young Russ was able to go to the past and present.

The Final Verdict: B FOR BOY OH BOY!

In my opinion, I thought The Kid was a alright. It’s got some small flaws. I mostly enjoyed Bruce Willis and Spencer Breslin’s chemistry as both Russes. If you’re looking for a film for the whole family, go give this one a try.

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