Wishful Drinking

Prior to her untimely death, in 2008, Carrie Fisher released a book called Wishful Drinking, an autobiography about Fisher’s career/personal life as an actress, novelist, daughter, and mother struggling with the ups and downs of fame, addiction based on drugs and alcohol. Instead of an actual autobiography, she takes a bunch of jabs on them by making fun of herself to lighten up the mood. Two years later, HBO, made a deal with Fisher to film her broadway production based on the book of the same name to expand more on her story to the general public and Star Wars fans across the globe.

As a sign of respect and preparation for Carrie’s last film The Last Jedi, I want to show you guys and gals, on what I liked about Wishful Drinking.

This blog isn’t a film containing a Three Act Structure, Plot Points, nor big fat SPOILERS. Let’s be honest, most of us know about her life. For those who don’t know about Carrie’s personal secrets, watch this documentary right now to pay respects to her legacy.

Positive: Carrie tells her stories in a vain similar to HBO Stand-Up Comedies, filled with self deprecation, (it means making fun of yourself) and Black Comedy. I’ll have to give Princess Leia, a tremendous amount of Extra Points for using The F-Bomb. Anthony Daniels if you’re reading this, I want you to use that word in your C-3PO voice for parody purposes. I double dare you!

We’re all fully aware that Debbie Reynolds is the mother of Carrie, what you never knew is that Carrie’s father named Eddie, was a famous singer in The 50’s.

As she talks about her role in Star Wars, Carrie dons her infamous iconic hairdo. I thought it was heartwarming for fans like me to see her wear it.

If you have seen her roasting George Lucas at The AFI Lifetime Achievement Event, Carrie brings up the fact that there’s no underwear in space. Look it up and you’ll laugh your butt off!

Photos, Archive Footage shows Carrie & Debbie’s professional/personal lives as actresses and mother & daughter.

Carrie hilariously uses a black board resembling a crime families’ connections to various members of a mafia for a segment called, “Hollywood Inbreeding.”

Be surprised, that Carrie was once married to Paul Simon, known as half of the duo from Simon & Garfunkel. He wrote a song about her.

According to family history, Carrie mentioned that her mother’s side of her family came from El Paso, Texas. Bonus Points for Debbie growing up in Texas which is where I’m actually from, plus Carrie & her daughter Billie, have some southern roots in their blood.

When she was 15, Carrie began her career by singing on stage when her mom invited her to sing in front of the audience. Besides her knack for acting, writing, coming up with jokes, she was a talented singer like her mother.

Negative: I don’t wanna sound like a biased jerk, Meryl Streep portrayed her in an semi biography called Postcards From The Edge. The reason why I dislike Streep, is because she’s been in way too many Oscar Bait films since Kramer Vs. Kramer. The film that robbed Apocalypse Now’s Best Picture Award at The Oscars. I consider Streep my archenemy, she’s The Green Goblin to my Spider-Man or Joker to my Batman. I’m relieved that she didn’t appear as an audience member, if she did, I would’ve Triple Down Points.

The Final Verdict: A FOR APEX!

If you have HBO, go give this an instant watch as a token of respect for the late Star Wars icon who brought us an unforgettable childhood memory.

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds. Thank you for the nostalgic memories. I’ll always remember you both as Princess Leia and Charlotte The Spider. Billie Lourd, if you’re reading this, don’t make the same mistakes as your mother did. Now that you’re following both your mother and grandmother’s footsteps. Your on your way to become the next big thing in the future.

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