In the late 80’s a film called Heathers, a Black Comedy film about a high schooler who’s caught up in a murder involving her frenemy, was released in cinemas earning a lot of critical praise. However, the movie itself failed to earn a profit at the box office. Despite financial failure, Heathers went on to become a cult classic on home video boosting a lot of attention. Many critics today, consider the film as one of the best Black Comedy films of all time.

Now that the second season of Stranger Things is airing this Friday, I want to spread the word of mouth for anybody who’s a fan of Stranger Things like me, I thought about introducing this picture that made Winona Ryder a big name, besides Beetlejuice.

By the way, the following review contains no huge SPOILERS. Which means you’re ok to read it, just so you know if you never got a chance to view the entire picture.

Totally Radical: Winona Ryder, & Christian Slater, both did a fantastic job together for their performances as Veronica & J.D.

Chemistry between Veronica & J.D, is served as a prototype of Harley Quinn & Joker’s relationship, way before Harley was introduced to comic book readers.

Hiliarious moments got me laughing out loud.

Satirical depiction of high school cliques/stereotypes without making us viewers cringe throughout.

J.D.’s backstory makes you kinda feel bad for the poor fella. I ain’t gonna tell you about his past.

I think The Best Line in this film is, “Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs darling!”

Character Development involving Veronica due to her relationship with J.D.

As the film progresses, things get serious despite the movie depicted as a Black Comedy.

Cinematography was decent. Couldn’t find any problems.

A Pause Worthy Moment featuring Tom Clancy’s novel Patriot Games, on a shelf next to a television set.

Fun Fact: Chris Pine, who played Jack Ryan, also worked with Winona Ryder in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek.

Bogus: The film itself is completely outdated, due to the fact that this came out in the late eighties.

There’s a character named Martha. I’m putting this optional con as a joke if Batman existed.

The Final Verdict: A-

My real thought about Heathers, is in fact a decent Black Comedy. If you’re interested with this film, I highly recommend it for anyone who’s a fan of Stranger Things. Thank you Duffer Brothers for resurrecting Winona’s career, now that she’s no longer a scene stealer. (no pun intended) I am looking forward to watching her as Joyce Byers and other future projects she might partake as time will only tell.

Well what are you waiting for, get off your butt and watch this movie right now!

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