Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In 2005, George Lucas released “Revenge Of The Sith” as the final entry to “The Prequel Trilogy,” as an apology for long time fans of Star Wars. At first, fans thought that Star Wars is done, until Lucas announced that he’s producing a computer animated television series called “The Clone Wars,” which is set between “Attack Of The Clones” and Revenge Of The Sith. George hired a bunch of animators, writers and directors at a focus group meeting to come up with ideas for various episodes on selecting a variety of characters ranging from Jedi, Clone Troopers, Separatists, Sith, and familiar characters from both trilogies, (excluding The Sequel Trilogy) as the selected main lead for his/her adventure.

In 2008, a film titled, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released in August, 2008, (the same year Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull came out) two months before the show aired. The Clone Wars is considered as a “Pilot Episode.” At first, the film was originally gonna air as a Made For TV Film, until Lucas managed to persuade Warner Bros. (Fox at the time owned the rights live action films, until Disney purchased the entire Star Wars lore from Lucas) to release it on the silver screen.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, (A.K.A. Star Wars Episode 2.5) was a modest box office success, however, it received negative reviews from many critics. I’m not kidding, every single one is negative, with a capital N!

For the first time in Star Wars chronological order, this article contains no SPOILERS. You’re allowed to read this blog just in case if you never got a chance to watch it. Now let’s see what the damage is for this midquel.

Mystifying & Jabba’s Doo Doo Aspects

Mystifying: Voice Actors including, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kane, all did a wonderful job on their respective performances as the replacements for the actors from The Prequel Trilogy. Because most of them were busy on their schedules. I’m happy that Hayden Christensen didn’t come back to reprise his role as Anakin.

Even though most of the cast members from The Prequel Trilogy didn’t return, Samuel L. Jackson & Christopher Lee, reprise their roles as Mace Windu, & Count Dooku.

Then newcomer, Ashley Eckstein, did a great job as Ahsoka Tano. Ashoka is the first female Jedi Protagonist in a Star Wars related movie. You thought one of the prominent characters from The Force Awakens made history? Well, guess again! By the way Ahsoka has a knack for coming up with creative nicknames. If she wasn’t involved in Jedi related activity, she should work as a stand-up comedian. Mr. Lucas if you’re reading this, Ahsoka is a grand example on how to make a likable Protagonist with a touch of Comic Relief.

Action Sequences were very good. Filled with lightsaber battles, gunplay between Clone and Droid Armies.

Humor doesn’t contain anything related to Jar Jar Binks. Comedy was used effectively without any stupid moments. I’ll have you know that Jar Jar doesn’t appear in this midquel. I’ll have to give this pro, Bonus Points, for the writers & producers for taking feedback from long time fans of Star Wars.

Since Revenge Of The Sith, every Battle Droid, (excluding Super Battle Droids) sounds like they been programmed with Gumby’s helium.

I love the way Jabba The Hutt calls his son with an affectionate nickname. It’s way way better than that cringeworthy nickname, Ani.

The Best Line in the film is when one of The Original Trilogy characters said that “I want to see my little punky muffin!”

Ziro The Hutt’s voice, is based on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Oscar winning performance as Truman Capote. Ziro’s voice reminded me of Cartman.

A Wilhelm Scream is heard yet again.

Anakin said “Don’t you die on me.” The line was also used in “Tropic Thunder.” Coincidentally, both films came out simultaneously.

The C.G.I. Animation looked gorgeously beautiful, making this along with the television series of the same name, far more superior than The Prequel Trilogy’s outdated effects.

Anakin’s strategy to pass the marching Droid Army, is perhaps a tribute to Solid Snake’s use of stealth from the Metal Gear Solid series. By the way Metal Gear Solid IV came out the same year as The Clone Wars. I bet Kojima must be flattered.

Jabba’s Doo Doo: Dutch Angles are often present in certain parts. My guess is in fact, nobody saw “Battlefield Earth.”

When Anakin, Ashoka, & R2, arrive on Tatooine, Anakin mentions that the sand is merciless. Are you kidding me? He just had to bring up his problem with sand. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, remember in Attack Of The Clones when Anakin was talking to Padmè on why he hates sand as he attempts to woo her?

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BREATHTAKING!

I have to admit, The Clone Wars kept me entertained besides Revenge Of The Sith, which is the only good film in The Prequel Trilogy. All I can say is, what’s the matter with you critics out there! That was a great Star Wars movie! I’m gonna assume that critics that didn’t like The Clone Wars, is because Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, damaged Lucas’ reputation as a storyteller and his image for both franchises he cemented. Think of it as a “Butterfly Effect,” because the movie he released, didn’t worked out for Indiana Jones fans, and as a result The Clone Wars felt like an “epic fail.” For me, I don’t see why it was worse than Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

All I have to say is, The Clone Wars along with the TV show of the same name, is far more superior than The Prequel Trilogy and Crystal Skull. I strongly recommend both the film and TV show. They’re on Netflix right now. If you don’t have a Netflix account, go out and buy the entire collection, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Disney, now that you owned Star Wars, And Indiana Jones, I want to see a computer animated series involving Indiana Jones with each episode focusing on a specific adventure, like The Clone Wars did with each character. If you do, I’ll be very happy.

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