Curse Of Chucky

Nine years after the critical disaster called Seed Of Chucky, series creator, Don Mancini, nearly took him almost a decade to come up with a sixth entry to the franchise. He began to write and direct “Curse Of Chucky, with Brad Dourif returning to portray Chucky yet again.

Curse Of Chucky is the first film in the Child’s Play franchise to be distributed as a Direct-To-Video from Universal Pictures, as oppose to the theatrical release of the previous entries. I guess this is the sole reason on why Universal thought Bride & Seed didn’t meet the audience’s expectations which is pretty sad for a Horror icon like Chucky who used to be in his prime until Seed, the weakest of the series destroyed his reputation.

The sixth installment was released in October 2013 on Blu-Ray/DVD. It received an unexpected amount of positive reception from Chucky fans and critics a like. Due to the upcoming release for Cult Of Chucky, I want to spread The Word Of Mouth for all you O. G. (Oringal Gangstas) Chucky fans out there to give this one a second chance.

Set after the events of Seed Of Chucky, the killer doll is anonymously mailed to a gloomy house and he begins his killing spree on a dysfunctional family. Nica Pierce, one of the family members, tries to figure out why Chucky wants to kill her and the rest of her entire family in the first place.

For the first time since the original Child’s Play movie, this article features no potential SPOILERS, you’re free to read all about it.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: Brad Dourif returns to voice the killer doll and he did an excellent job on his performance. He was born to play as Chucky.

Chucky is back to his old ways as a cold, pragmatic, ruthless mass murdering psychopath without remorse. No longer a walking punchline, he’s much more sadistic since the original three Child’s Play films.

Newcomer to the series, Fiona Dourif, (Brad Dourif’s real life daughter) did a superb job on her performance as Nica Pierce. I find it ironic that Dourif is fighting his real life daughter and in Seed, he fights his onscreen son, Glen.

The Tone for the film has finally got Chucky back to his darker roots. Mancini, this is what happens when you take feedback from your fans after all the negative reactions to Bride and Seed.

Cinematography never suffered from a bad case of Shaky Cam throughout.

The Setting for this movie takes place in a gloomy house, reminiscing old haunted house films like a Alfred Hitchcock picture. I thought it felt appropriate for Chucky to wreck havoc on The Pierce Family.

Death Scenes were used realistically and each one is literally a bloody mess. If I were you, its best to get yourself a paper bag if you feel a bit queazy.

There’s a crucial reason why Chucky is terrorizing Nica’s family. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut on this because it isvery shocking, you’ll have to watch the movie for yourself and see why he’s doing this to them.

Chucky’s Best Line is in this sixth installment is, “You have your mother’s eyes, (beat/dramatic pause) and they were always to ******* CLOSE TOGETHER!”

Important characters from the previous films return. Better not tell you which prominent characters are featured in this follow up.

If you own the DVD/Blu-Ray for the film, there’s a post-credits scene and its extremely important for every Chucky fan out there! Trust me you’ll be very satisfied! Its a shame that Netflix doesn’t feature the post-credits scene. I had to look it up and it made me very happy.

All the previous films from the series are mentioned, which means the original and sequels are officially canon, Bride & Seed are also counted as canon.

Negative: Without giving too much away, one nitpick involves Chucky’s flaw and it has something to do with him becoming human, the more time he spends in his doll form.

The Final Verdict: A-

I really enjoyed Chucky’s comeback. Seriously Univseral, why didn’t you distribute this as a theatrical release instead of labeling it as a Direct-To-Video feature length motion picture? This is the Chucky movie the franchise deserves. If it weren’t for Mancini learning to take a bunch of criticism from the old school fans, we would’ve never given the franchise a second chance to shine. I highly recommend it, if you’re very excited for Cult Of Chucky. If this upcoming film does a way better job than Curse, could it possibly be the very first Chucky movie to earn an A/Apex? (my highest rank for my website) Will have to see if it holds up with all the hype surrounding the future entry.

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