Seed Of Chucky

After the release of Bride Of Chucky, series creator, Don Mancini, took a temporary break to come up with another follow up to Bride, by introducing another character related to Chucky, this time son in the fifth film called, “Seed Of Chucky.”

Released in 2004, Seed Of Chucky didn’t earn enough box office revenue as its previous predecessor and the film also received negative reviews from critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, this is the last Chucky related film to be released in theaters until Mancini released another follow up on Direct-To-Video to solidify Chucky’s comeback as an actual serious Horror Thriller and a seventh entry this year called Cult Of Chucky.

This review contains potential SPOILERS, read at your very own risk!

Pros: Brad Dourif & Jennifer Tilly reprise their roles and they once again did a superb job on their performances.

Opening Scene begins with a Point Of View (POV for short) Sequence, paying an homage to the Opening Scene from John Carpenter’s Halloween and also the infamous Shower Scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, not Gus Van Sant’s remake.

Death Scenes are more gorier than the previous entries. If you have a weak stomach, bring a barf bag.

Then newcomer to the series, Billy Boyd stars in this film with Dourif, one of his Lord Of The Rings co-stars. I’ll give this one point for Mancini for orchestrating a Middle Earth reunion.

Satirical depiction of Hollywood with filmmaker, John Waters playing a TMZesque stalker, invading Tilly’s privacy and jokes about Tilly’s ailing career.

Like every other Horror movie, Unsympathetic Characters meet their respective demise.

The film did a jab on Britney Spears as one of Chucky’s murder victims. If a reboot happens, I want to see Miley Cyrus as Chucky’s next victim.

When Glen finds the location of parents in the Special Effect department, they’re are wax figures of Frankenstein and Wolfman. Speaking of those two, Van Helsing (with Hugh Jackman) came out the same year as Seed Of Chucky. The two iconic monsters were featured in this film.

Chucky decides to abandon his quest to become human with an epic speech. I’ll accept this because he finally accepts his fate as a killer doll due to character development on how he’s gone through a long term frustrating goal.

Tiffany claims the reason why Glen was born in the first place, is the result of Voodoo Pregnancy, a side effect on the dolls becoming human with the ability to reproduce.

The Weirdest Twist for the film reveals that Glen’s body inhabits two souls freaking Chucky out, without going into full killing mode.

Cons: Glen manages to bring back his parents with the amulet from Bride Of Chucky, he says the line, “Ade Due Damballa, Awake!” In the previous entries, Chucky said the entire chant in full gibberish detail. I call this nonsense!

Opening POV Sequence was just a Bait-And-Switch tacitic as a Dream Sequence.

The Tone for this movie continues as a full fledged Horror Comedy, rather than a serious psychological Horror Thriller.

Mancini missed a golden opportunity to include Brad Dourif, participating as himself in the flesh, a la Robert Englund appearing as himself in New Nightmare. Mancini, you included the actual Jennifer Tilly herself and you didn’t select Dourif by having Chucky killing him off. That would’ve been funny and meta at the same time, I can already imagine Abed from Community coming up with this scene during a Focus Group Session.

The Final Confrontation between Chucky, Tiffany and Glen, felt anti-climatic. Glen manages to overthrow his dad.

Chucky’s Death Scene wasn’t taken seriously. Don’t worry, at the end of the film, he’s brought back to life for a future installment.

In order to create a newborn baby for Glen, the only option for Chucky is to… YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TRIPLING DOWN THE POINTS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany manages to successfully transfer her soul into Tilly’s body. Chucky literally axes her head. Remember in the other films when Chucky uses a chant on his designated target, the chant was put on halt and he dies wide open. Tell me again how Tiffany accomplished her goal. Maybe a Voodoo Priest must’ve watched Jeff Goldblum’s speech on Chaos Theory and decided to cut female users some slack. For me, I’ll have to double the points down because it broke my “Suspension Of Disbelief.

Hearing Chucky & Tiffany rambling about parenting reminded me of Joe & Bonnie Swanson’s domestic dispute on parenting.

When Tiffany discovers a photo of Chucky & Glen killing John Waters, Chucky didn’t tell her about why Waters took pictures of him at Tilly’s home.

Similar to my other review for Bride Of Chucky, nobody mentions Andy Barclay & Mancini didn’t include a child actor playing a fictitious version of Andy in the film-within-a film, “Chucky Goes Psycho.”

How the heck did Chucky, Tiffany & Glen, all meet up at the hospital where Tilly is located in her room!? They’re many witnesses inside the building!

The Final Verdict: D-

This is perhaps the weakest of the series besides Child’s Play 3. I’m afraid this film is canon to the entire franchise. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, Seed was the last Chucky related film to be released in theaters. Seed needs to be viewed at certain Film Schools on how to not mess up a franchise.

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