Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sony Pictures released their second entry to “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield. The sequel came out in 2014, it became a box office success, however it received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Due to the mixed reception, Sony decided it was the appropriate time to make an agreement with Disney & Marvel Studios to share the film rights to Spider-Man, which means he’s now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (MCU for short)

In 2016, “Captain America: Civil War” was the first film to feature Spider-Man in the MCU films. This made the general public, as well as fans to feel happy once again. Is it as good as Tobey Maguire’s first two Spider-Man movies? Let’s find out shall we?

This review doesn’t contain any huge SPOILERS whatsoever. It means you’re allowed to read this non-spoiler article anytime you want.

Amazing & Feces

Amazing: The Main Cast including Tom Holland & Michael Keaton both did a great job on their respective performances as hero and villain. Kinda funny that we get to see Michael Keaton playing a character who’s gone from a bat, a bird and a vulture if you know what I mean.

Supporting Cast such as Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Jennifer Connelly & Robert Downey Jr. all did a good job on their respective performances.

John Francis Daley, (Freaks & Geeks) & Jonathan Goldstein (Horrible Bosses) wrote the script together.

Fun Fact: Robert Downey Jr. worked with previous Spider-Man actors including Tobey Maguire in both “Wonder Boys and “Tropic Thunder.” Marisa Tomei in “Only You,” and “Chaplin,” last but not least, Sally Field in “Soapdish.”

Action Sequences were fast, dynamic and agile like a Jackie Chan movie.

Chemistry between Peter and his pal Ned Leeds, serve as one of the main highlights of the movie.

Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Star Wars: Rouge One, Up) orchestrated the music.

Peter Parker’s personality, powers & abilities are a combination of both The Mainstream Universe & The Ultimate Marvel Universe. A mix between classic and modern comics masterfully blended into one.

The Tone is more lighthearted than the previous Spider-Man movies. Its like what if John Hughes directed a superhero film, because this movie is inspired by his works? Most notably, Ferris Buller. I think Homecoming is a superhero version of “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.”

Visual Effects didn’t seem fake at all. I’ll give the effects crew Bonus Points without batting an eye.

Spider-Man’s suit is based off of Alex Ross’ art and Steve Ditko’s classic design.

Spider-Man’s A.I. is possibly named after Plankton’s computer wife off of “SpongeBob SquarePants.” I admit, I was the only one in the theater snickering. Maybe Peter Parker is a fan of SpongeBob.

Vulture villainous intentions are understandable. He’s ain’t trying to make his own chapter as the bigger villain in New York City. He’s trying to support his family.

Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance yet again.

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino makes a brief appearance as somebody related to a familar character from the comics.

Michael Mando (Vaas from Far Cry 3) makes a brief appearance as Max Gargan. If you’re familiar with him, you know which villain he is from the comics.

Two familiar characters from previous MCU entries, make cameo appearances.

This film doesn’t retell the origins of Spider-Man all over again. It’s fine by me because we’re already aware bout his backstory told way too many times. Been there done that.

A Shocking Moment got me gasping. I don’t wanna give away. I have to give this an Extra Point. I was sweating intensely upon witnessing for the first time.

The dialogue is filled with jokes that got me laughing. More comedic elements have been added to the Spider-Man franchise.

Two Post-Credits Scenes are in this film, so don’t miss em! Make sure you stay in your seat! You don’t wanna miss out on what’s in store for the MCU’s future!

Feces: One of the trailers gave away a huge spoiler which gives away what’s gonna happen in The Third Act. The guy who approved the trailer during the marketing campaign oughta be fired for not trying to keep important details under wraps. Shame on him! I guess the marketing employees never learned their lesson after DC accidentally revealed Doomsday in “Batman VS. Superman.”

The Climax completely rips off a scene from Batman: “Court Of The Owls” involving Batman fighting a bird like creature on top of an airplane. DC Comics is gonna have to take Marvel to Judge Judy for stealing this idea. Marvel if you’re reading this review, you better get yourself a professional lawyer right now!

The Final Verdict: B, AS IN BOY OH BOY!

Hear me out fellow Marvel fans. It is not as disappointing as “Spider-Man 3” or a clunker like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” I actually enjoyed The First and Second Act of the film. Hopefully a stand-alone sequel, along with spin-off characters like Tom Hardy’s upcoming Venom” film, better not screw this up big time.

The movie did alright, but it’s not on the same Class A rank as “The Lego Batman Movie,” “Logan,” “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” or “Wonder Woman.” If you’re a Marvel fanboy or fangirl, go out and support this movie, so we can get more Spider-Man films and spin-offs.

Marvel if you’re reading this, take notes on this review and learn to take my criticism on the cons. I’m looking forward to seeing Venom who is my favorite Spider-Man villain of all time. Please don’t mess him up like Sony did with Spider-Man 3. This time make him redeemable like Fox did with Deadpool. If you do, it’ll make me very happy.

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