Guardians Of The Galaxy

In 2014 after the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios released another film, this time it’s about a rag tag group of strangers who join forces to save the galaxy from a powerful tyrant. The group of strangers I’m referring to is the titular team “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” Before the review, let’s start with a history lesson about the team shall we?

The Guardians first appeared in 1969, however the characters depicted in recent times, didn’t appear in the vey beginning until 2008. The pre-2008 characters who were introduced are Major Astro, Charlie-27,  Martinex, Starhawk, and Yondu. (The only original member who would occasionally help out the 2008 version.)

The current team made their solo comic debuts in order are Groot, Drax, Gamora, Star-Lord, & my personal favorite out of the bunch, Rocket Raccoon.

After a few appearances in cartoons, video games, card games, etc. In 2012, Marvel Studios/Disney decided it was time to begin pre-production on adapting the team onto to the big screen. Filmmaker James Gunn (known for his work on Scooby-Doo, it’s sequel, Slither, & Super) was recruited to write the script and direct the picture.

Several auditions later, Chris Pratt (who was working on Parks & Recreations at the time.) was chosen and became Peter Quill/Star-Lord, the leader/main protagonist of the film. Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek reboot) signed on as Gamora, wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista also signed on as Drax. Action star, Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious, Riddick, Triple XXX) provided voice work and motion capture as Groot. Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (The Hangover trilogy, American Sniper) also went on to voice and worked on motion capture as Rocket Raccoon.

Fun Fact: Vin Diesel took the role of Groot because the relationship between Groot and Rocket, relates to his real life friendship of him and the late Paul Walker, he even named his daughter Paulina, after his best friend.

Now that I’ve covered some interesting details let’s move on with the pros and cons shall we? Don’t worry if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, it’s a non-spoiler review, so feel free to read all about it.

Awesome & Boring Aspects

Awesome: The acting from the main stars did an excellent job for their portrayals of the characters. Rocket Raccoon is my personal favorite of the team. I have to admit, Rocket is kinda cute and cuddly.

The supporting cast consisting of Michael Rooker, Karen Gillian, John C. Reilly, Josh Brolin, & Glenn Close, also did a good job on their performances.

James Gunn did an excellent job writing & directing.

Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance yet again.

This movie has personality from the five main leads which makes each of them unique in their own perspective of view.

Character Development involving the main leads as they must work together if they want to save the universe.

The group’s chemistry felt natural as they must learn to work together as a team.

Action Sequences are spectacular with space battles added for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (MCU for short)

Visaul Effects look superb. Couldn’t see anything wrong from the naked eye.

Cinematography looks splendid. Doesn’t contain any Shaky Cam.

The Awesome Mix Vol. 1 which is Star-Lord’s mixtape, has some catchy tunes from the 70’s.

Well written witty dialogue containing jokes that got me laughing throughout.

Th opening credits sets up the tone for the movie shifting appropriately from drama to comedy. DC Films if you’re reading this, take some notes on balancing the tone for each of your movies.

The Three Act Structure was polished just like a pair of boots. No dog poop on the bottom, they were clean.

The climax has one of the best variations of the David Vs. Goliath, not involing one on one, but five on one which raises the stakes.

Like most Marvel films, this contains a post-credits scene. Don’t miss it!

The whole film wasn’t boring from start to finish. I was entertained throughout the whole thing.

Boring: I couldn’t find anything wrong in this particular picture. I’m giving it an Extra Point for James Gunn on making a flawless film.

Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

In my opinion, Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of my favorite Marvel movies of all time next to Logan, Deadpool, Spider-Man 2, Avengers & X2: X-Men United.

So what are you waiting for, get off your gluteus maximus and introduce the Guardians to a friend who haven’t seen it & don’t forget to buy the video game focusing on the Guardians Of The Galaxy by TellTale Games if you’re prepping up for the upcoming sequel.

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