Minority Report

The review of the day is a Sci-Fi Mystery film, similar to Blade Runner. Directed by Steven Spielberg, teaming up with an A list star, a living legend & one of my favorite actors of all time, Tom Cruise. Before War Of The Worlds, Minority Report was the first collaboration between Cruise & Speilberg. So let’s begin on what’s good about the film & what the flaws of the film has to offer. The negative stuff is gonna contain a massive spoiler so read at your risk if you haven’t seen it.

Yay (Positive): The concept of pre-crime in a dystopian future was interesting. Great acting from Tom Cruise, Collin Ferrell, Samantha Morton, & Max Von Sydow. The visual Effects look beautiful in a polished Neo-Noir future. Technology such as a force gun, artificial eyes (like Peter Falk’s) which bypass retina scans. A computer, the protagonist uses to solve a pre-crime scene. A fight scene in a factory.  I didn’t expect one of the main characters as the villain this whole time. Gotta love the combination of Film Noir mixed with Sci-Fi.

Nay (Negative): A storyline involving Tom Cruise’s onscreen son, was never solved, he was mention several times. At the end of the film, he decides to get over the fact that his son was missing but he decided to get back with his ex-wife & have a baby to replace his first born child. No disrespect to Tom Cruise, Columbo can solve more cases than Cruise in this movie.

Final Verdict: A- as an amazing. It’s a way better Cruise/Spielberg film than War Of The Worlds. Despite the big flaw, it took me to a possible future in 2053 which could happen, but who knows, the film might predict several technology concepts that could exist just like the 2nd Back To The Future movie.


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