Flashback Review: Peter Pan (2003)

“Peter Pan” was released in 2003. (same year Big Fish came out) It received positive reviews from critics, families and movie goers alike. However, the remake bombed at the box office due to “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” made a billion dollars as the biggest film of the year. Another […]

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Life Animated

Life Animated was released in 2016. (same year La La Land came out) It was unanimously praised by critics. The documentary became can eligible nominee at “The 89th Academy Awards” for “Best Documentary Feature.” Unfortunately, it lost to “OJ: Made In America.” Several Disney movies are getting remade including “Snow White,” “Pinocchio,” “Peter Pan,” “The […]

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Classics Review: Peter Pan (1953)

In 1904, playwright J.M Barrie released a play called, “Peter Pan.” It’s about three children are invited by a boy with the ability to fly who literally can’t grow up, to a trip to “Neverland.” An island filled with residents including pirates led by Peter’s archenemy Captain Hook, mermaids, Indians, fairies, animal wildlife and a […]

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