Hello my fellow movie goers from around the globe. Today’s review is about a mini-series about the professional and personal lives of Bob Fosse (Cabaret, All That Jazz, Chicago) & Gwen Verdon. Before famous husband & wife duos Christopher Nolan/Emma Thomas, Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh, Judd Apatow/Leslie Mann & Jonathan Nolan/Lisa Joy were born, Bob Fosse […]

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Rain Man

Fresh from his success starring in films such as “Risky Business,” “Top Gun” & “The Color Of Money,” Tom Cruise (one of my favorite actors of all time) became an A-List Actor in blockbusters. Today he remains as one of the highest paid actors of his generation. Back in the late 80’s, he starred in […]

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Kramer VS. Kramer

In the year 1977, a book called, “Kramer VS. Kramer,” opened in bookstores. One Year Later, Hollywood decided to adapt the book into a full length motion picture. Kramer VS. Kramer was released in 1979. (same year Ridley Scott’s Alien came out) It received positive reviews from critics and made enough money at the box […]

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