Mac Miller: The Divine Feminine

Since 2016, I wrote on my blog about movies, shows/anime and video games. Today, I’m doing something completely different. It’s a music related review focusing on one of my idols. Not Christopher Nolan or Hunter Schafer. I’m referring to Mac Miller. A hip-hop musician and singer gone too soon. He shaped my perception on the meaning of music as an art form not appealing to commercialism or the lowest common denominator.

Mac Miller’s fourth studio album “The Divine Feminine” was released in 2016. (same year La La Land came out) It received positive reviews and sold enough copies in both physical and digital format. Mac ran a tour spanning from September to December 2016. As a fan of the late legend, I wanna share my thoughts on The Divine Feminine. Breakdown elements of his songs. If you want more further meaning of his songs, check out the website Genius.

Mac’s mixtape “Faces” is now streaming on Spotify.

Keep in mind folks. This article is a pretty short one. This isn’t a movie or series containing a whole bunch of coverage. Just an album consisting of ten tracks. Please bear with me. Is it a masterpiece? Let’s find out shall we?

Positive & Negative Aspects

Positive: Mac Miller did a magnificent job creating all tracks. He was very passionate on his craft.

The Divine Feminine contains a total of ten tracks. Each one has elements of hip-hop, rap and jazz blended in perfect condition. Mac said the album is about him learning from throughout his life. Most notably, Ariana Grande.

First track “Congratulations” officially establishes a romantic immersion into Mac’s conscious on his definition of love.

My favorite track is “Stay.” The song is obviously about not leaving a loved one. The rest of the tracks are flawless. There’s a music video of him performing the song. By the way, Mac mentioned he binge-watched “The Sopranos” all the way to Season 5. He was a fan of the show and knew the final episode of Season 6 ended on a sour note.

“Skin” is about emotional and physical attachment.

“Dang” is another good song with a legit music video. This one is about Mac who can’t move on from a break-up.

“Planet God Damn” is about a planet with a goddess.

An audio clip of Robin Williams’ dialogue from “Good Will Hunting” is played in “Soulmate.” I miss both Robin & Mac. God bless their souls. Robin’s lines from the movie defines soulmate.

Say what you will about her, Ariana Grande sings “My Favorite Part” with her former boyfriend. They appeared in a music video based on the song. Don’t forget Mac first met Ariana on the set of her music video “The Way.”

According to Ariana, “Cinderella” is about Mac’s relationship with her. Mac compared Ariana’s beauty to Dorothy (from The Wizard Of Oz) leaving Kansas. Ariana stated Judy Garland is one of her heroes. There’s also music video about the song which has nothing to do with a Disney Princess.

CeeLo Green is a guest vocalist on “We.” This song centers around love lasts forever.

Kendrick Lamar is a guest vocalist on the final track “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty.” Once the song is over, Mac’s grandmother talks about her past relationship.

Primary Themes are Love, Relationship & Attachment.

Negative: No flaws were discovered. I’m giving Mac a tremendous amount of Bonus Points for making an amazing album.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

The Divine Feminine is a masterpiece worth non-stop listening. If you’ve never heard of Mac Miller’s work, I strongly recommend every single album and mixtape. Which music album should I review next? Please leave a comment and I’ll respond back.

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