Gamer’s Review: Cyberpunk 2077

In 2012, CD Projekt (The Witcher series) released a teaser trailer for an upcoming video game titled, “Cyberpunk 2077.” An adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game “Cyberpunk” created by Mike Pondersmith. Six Years Later, at The 2019 E3 Expo, the company released a trailer and gameplay footage with Keanu Reeves (one of my favorite actors) making a surprise appearance. His unexpected appearance made everybody excited. Especially that one guy shouting to Keanu “You’re breathtaking!” Keanu replies back saying “You’re breathtaking” which eventually became a meme. One Year Later, the game launched.

Cyberpunk 2077 officially came out in 2020. It received mixed reception from critics and gamers alike. The game generated controversy with many glitches on day one and “crunch time.” Intensely working overtime before the game’s official release putting pressure to many employees. Right now, CD Projekt is currently patching up the game’s technical flaws.

An anime series called, “Cyberpunk Edgerunners” will stream on Netflix in 2022. Keanu Reeves will reprise his roles as Neo in “The Matrix 4” & John Wick: Chapter 4. His comic book series “BRZRKR” is getting anime adaptation on Netflix with Keanu voicing the titular character.

Todays review contains no SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article. Keep in mind, I’m gonna constantly update this review until CD Projekt officially repairs the game at 100%. Bear with me folks.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: Keanu Reeves did an excellent job for his performance as Johnny Silverhand. He also provided motion capture. This ain’t the first time Keanu played a character named John. Let me do a headcount. “Point Break,” “Dracula 1992,” “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Johnny Mnemonic,” “Constantine,” “Generation Um,” the “John Wick” series and now Cyberpunk 2077. Why don’t we just call it the “Keanuverse.”

Voice Actors did a great job for their respective performances.

Graphics are gorgeous to look at. Makes you wanna live in Night City. I would like to see a live action Cyberpunk movie focusing on Johnny Silverhand. Think of it as a spiritual successor to my favorite anime film “Akira.”

Photo Mode gives you the opportunity to take awesome snapshots.

Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondersmith served as a consultant giving CD Projekt some pointers.

The game is influenced by “Blade Runner,” Akira, “Ghost In The Shell,” “System Shock” & the “Deus Ex” series.

Before you start the game, you can role-play as V as a Street Kid, Nomad or Corpo in the aforementioned lifepaths.

Customization is a primary factor for V’s gender, race, appearance, scars, clothing, genitals, tattoos, skills and abilities. In my first playthrough as a Street Kid, I made my character after Aelita from “Code Lyoko.” In my second playthrough as a Nomad, I made Dominic Cobb from “Inception.” In my third playthrough as a Corpo, I made Snake Plissken from “Escape From New York.”

Skill Trees is presented in five branches ranging from Body, Reflexes, Intelligence, Technical Ability & Cool. Make sure you spent your skill points wisely on which playstyle you prefer.

Cybernetic Implants augments your skills and abilities.

Besides Johnny Silverhand, you make friends with Jackie Welles, Panam, Judy Alvarez & Goro Takemura.

A romance option allows you to have a relationship with supporting characters. I romanced with Panam & Judy.

The game contains radio stations with catchy tunes.

V’s name is a nod to the male protagonist from “V For Vendetta.”

Main Story is about V who’s recruited to go on a heist by stealing a shard. After the heist goes wrong, V is forced to put the shard in his/her brain to prevent the battery from depleting leaving him/her a fatal effect. If he/she removes the shard, V will die. The shard contains Johnny Silverhand’s conscious. With no other option, V is forced to work with Johnny if he/she wants to remove the shard safely.

Main Story’s length is approximately 20-30 hours. Side Quests extends the game’s length to beat the game 60+ hours. If you wanna replay the game just for alternate outcomes, the length is doubled.

As you progress, we learn about Johnny’s backstory prior to the events of the main story.

Combat contains guns, melee weapons, lethal/non-lethal stealth takedowns deadly/non-lethal gadgets.

A Dialogue Tree allows you to decide which line you pick with a permanent outcome. Be wary on your decisions. Because the game features multiple endings.

Side Quests are worth wasting your spare time.

Night City’s futuristic atmosphere is based on Blade Runner, Akira & Ghost In The Shell.

Note from mid-year 2021: CD Projekt is frequently updating patches to fix the game.

Negative: I’ve experienced very little glitches on my PS4 like an accessible building and NPC models rendering. I don’t own a PC or a PS5, (yet) but they probably in a good shape.

Lifepaths for Street Kid, Nomad and Corpo didn’t feel distinctive. I was expecting to play a unique perspective of any of the three lifepaths with exclusive quests, original main story arcs from any of the three.

Content from the finished product is cut. Have to wait til’ CD Projekt releases new stuff as DLC. UGH!

The Final Verdict: B- (Pending)

As of mid-year 2021, Cyberpunk 2077 is average. Although I felt annoyed with the glitches and content removed from the final product, I actually enjoyed the game’s strengths. If CD Projekt really got their act together before the game’s release, I would’ve given it my highest grade an A, FOR APEX. If you wanna play Cyberpunk 2077, don’t be shy.

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