Nick’s Top 12 Dexter’s Laboratory Episodes That Haven’t Aged Well

Today’s Top 12 Editorial is different. I was gonna review a full season of “Dexter’s Laboratory.” A show I used to watch on Cartoon Network to see if it still holds up. I’ve decided to bail on this, because a full season has way too many episodes. Instead, I watched selected episodes I consider to be the worst whether Dexter doesn’t act like himself, makes a stupid decision, feels out of character, lacks common sense and Plot Holes. I’m not saying Dexter’s Laboratory is a horrible show, it’s actually good. Some episodes are a hit and miss. Without further ado, here’s my Top 12 Dexter’s Laboratory Episodes That Haven’t Aged Well. Why Top 12? Because I don’t want another number causing me bad luck.

Top 12 Worst Episodes

12. Game Show

Dexter & Dee Dee compete on a “Double Dare” like game show. My problems with this episode? Dexter uses his gadgets to cheat in physical challenges instead of using his common sense like Dee Dee. He failed the first challenge interrupting the game show host’s rules. His jet boots malfunction during a capture the flags obstacle course. Tony Stark and his family would never use their Iron Man suits to cheat on an episode of Double Dare. Heck! Even Batman solves every Riddler challenge in the Arkham video games! As a result of his arrogance, Dexter loses.

11. Mom & Jerry

A tribute to “Tom & Jerry,” Dexter accidentally switches bodies with a mouse. He must get his body back. Here’s my main issue with Mom & Jerry,” Dexter didn’t make a temporary alliance with his mom so they can team up while overcoming obstacles in his lab. What does he do? He beats his own mother. I know this is an homage to Tom & Jerry, but seeing him attacking his own mother is out of character. He’s basically a psychopath in this episode. Tony Soprano would never whack is mother Livia on “The Sopranos.” Karma bites him in the ass when Dee Dee brings a cat in the lab. Because of his idiocy, he’s trapped as a mouse forever.

10. Misplaced In Space

Towards the end of this episode, Dexter demonstrates to Dee Dee how she inadvertently teleports Dexter to space. What does he do? He literally stands on the same teleporter describing how he got there in the first place. Dee Dee pushes a button sending him to space again. It’s actually Dexter’s own fault for being a stupid ass like her older sister. After Dee Dee saved Dexter, she’s back into being a complete moron.

9. Now That’s A Stretch

Fed up with his short frame, Dexter merges himself with bubble gum giving him stretching abilities like Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from “Fantastic Four.” At first, the episode was going good. Then it went downhill when Dexter shapeshifts into his father having enough of Dee Dee nuisance. What happens at the end? He never reverts his problem only to take out the trash when his mom mistook him for his dad. This episode could’ve improved when Dexter quickly sneaks back at the house, turn back to normal and then accepts his short frame as an imperfection.

8. Star Check Unconventional

Another bad example Dexter is out of character. He and his two pals attend a Star Trek-esque convention. They never realize they mistook a Barbie like convention for the one they’re heading. If Dexter claims to be a fan of Star Check, why didn’t he realize he went to the wrong convention? None of this nonsense would’ve never happened if he just left.

Plot Hole 1 – Dexter couldn’t tell the difference between a Star Check action figure and a Sassy Doll. One of the smartest kids on TV, failed to get a map or just asked somebody directions.

Plot Hole 2 – Dexter has glasses on giving him clear vision. Star Check convention is blue while the Sassy Doll convention is pink. What it is Stevie Wonder?

Plot Hole 3 – Dexter causes property damage. Opening a Sassy Doll collectors box in mint condition. One more thing, he destroys 1959 Sassy Doll causing God know how many millions of dollars. If this were Comic Con, I’d gasp.

7. Let’s Save The World You Jerk

When a swarm of asteroids head straight towards Earth, Dexter & Mandark separately attempt to save the day, but the asteroids overwhelm them. Both rivals are forced to work together if they want to save Earth. What do they do throughout the entire episode? Constantly bicker and fight in space. Because of their negligence, Earth is destroyed killing the entire population leaving Dexter & Mandark as the only survivors. Could’ve been better if both rivals learn to cooperate one another, not constantly bitch at each other. X-Men & The Brotherhood Of Evil put aside their differences to battle Apocalypse who’s way beyond their power levels combined. They never dispute one another, both heroes and villains act professional.

6. Dexter’s Debt

In this episode, Dexter owes NASA $200 million. What does he do throughout the episode? He acts out of character not selling any of his robots or technology to a company like Apple. He could’ve payed his bill less than 24 Hours.

Plot Hole 1 – Dexter opens a lemonade stand trying to sell $2 million per cup. Dee Dee makes money without going overboard proving Dexter is a dumbass.

Plot Hole 2 – He sells all his stuff from his lab at a low price in a garage sell instead of giving it to Bill Gates.

Plot Hole 3 – Dexter breaks into his own sister’s piggy bank containing a $200 million paycheck she won as a selected winner.

Let me get this straight. Dexter is one of the smartest cartoon characters, doesn’t know how to legally pay off an expensive debt. The aforementioned plot holes, indicates he an incompetent moron than Dee Dee. Nobody giftedly intelligent acts like that in real life.

5. The Old Switcharooms

The big problem with The Old Swtichrooms is in fact, Dexter’s dad (has no actual name) is a POS like Britney Spears’ father. After Dad’s trophy is accidentally destroyed by Dexter & Dee, his attitude changes into a sociopath like Jeffery Dahmer, rather than giving his own kids a heart-to-heart talk about the dangers of destroying people’s valuable property like a normal parent. Dad inadvertently causes emotional abuse towards Dexter. Throughout the episode, Dexter is goes batshit crazy like Patrick Bateman (from American Pyscho) destroys Dee Dee’s room.

It’s revealed Dee Dee slept in Dexter’s room. What’s happens at the end? Dee Dee accidentally breaks Dad’s trophy. Dad punishes Dexter in the backyard. Psychologically abusing his own son believing the family dog might destroy his lab. Dad never got what he fuckin’ deserves for mistreating Dexter.

Plot Hole 1 – Dexter should know better. He used to have a password from “The Big Cheese” episode.

Plot Hole 2 – Dad lack zero empathy. He only cares about his gosh darn trophy.

Plot Hole 3 – Why didn’t Dexter stay calm? It could’ve been interesting if he went through Dee Dee’s diary revealing her relationship with Dexter. That would’ve been a heartwarming lesson to respect your sister and father.

If you’re a parent, don’t be dickhole towards your children.

4. Dexter VS. Santa Claws

Remember that Jimmy Neutron Christmas episode when Jimmy is forced to fill in Santa’s position to deliver the presents worldwide? He learned his lesson believing in Santa Claus. What happens in “Dexter VS. Santa Claws?” Dexter has zero redeeming qualities. He’s oblivious over the fact Santa is real. He thinks it’s his dad dressed as Saint Nick. After nearly killing Santa, Dexter realizes he ruined Christmas and god knows how many presents have been destroyed. What’s Christmas about? Santa replies “The presents.” That’s not what Christmas is about. It’s about Jesus’s birthday who died for the people’s sins and Christmas is also about spending time with your loved ones, how much you appreciate them.

Plot Hole 1 – Dexter is a complete moron who doesn’t realize it’s Santa Claus who literally has a sleigh full of reindeer.

Plot Hole 2 – Dexter thinks a reindeer is his mom. He pulls the antlers off for proof she’s wearing fake ones. The reindeer is standing on four legs.

Plot Hole 3 – Dexter installs security cameras everywhere in his house. Why didn’t he install cameras in his parents’ room. Could’ve avoided the episode if he just double check his parents’ room and then accept Santa is real.

Another episode Dexter isn’t acting like himself. He should know better.

3. Average Joe

Oh geez. This episode is Dexter being an oblivious dumbass. After taking an IQ test, his teacher gives him the results. His IQ is average. The teacher confirms computer don’t make mistakes. Bullshit! Computers sometimes malfunction or don’t work properly. This episode could’ve been avoided if Dexter actually retook the test and find out if the machine messed up. He makes an ass of himself dressed in pink clothes snorting like a pig. When he meets two kids, they pull a prank on ringing a doorbell on an old geezer. What does Dexter do? He stands still being a stupid ass. He’s capture by the guy. The episode ends with Dexter’s dad with the school informing him Dexter’s IQ is overqualified. It’s shocking Dexter might’ve assaulted by the old man offscreen. If it weren’t for Dexter’s idiocy, none of this would’ve ever happened.

2. A Third Dad Cartoon

Ugh! What can I say about this cartoon? It has no plot. Just Dexter’s dad taking forever prepping up to play golf. Dexter & Dee Dee never said a word. They just stood still like standees at a video store. Only one line is spoken by Dad. Don’t bother watching this cartoon. It’s a waste of time.

Dishonorable Mentions


Fantastic Boyage

1. Dexter’s Detention

Aw crap! Let me explain why “Dexter’s Detention” is personally ranked as my number one worst episode. While taking a test, some random kid pesters Dexter an answer. After failing to ignore him, Dexter shouts by giving him the answer. His teacher sends him to detention. Technically it’s Dexter’s own fault for not ratting out the dipshit who’s cheating. None of that shit would’ve ever happened. In the words of R. Kelly. “That’s stupid, use your common sense!” To put salt in the wound, Dexter burrows his way out of detention only for him to accidentally break into a state prison literally next to the school. Final shot ends with Dexter serving his sentence. It’s a somber ending God knows if Dexter is gonna be physically or sexually assaulted like HBO’s “Oz.”

Again. It’s Dexter’s own fault for not ratting out the dipshit who’s cheating. None of that shit would’ve ever happened.

So that’s it for my Top 12 Dexter’s Laboratory Episodes That Haven’t Aged Well. What should be my next Top 12 Editorial? Please leave a comment and I’ll respond back.

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  1. Since Genndy Tartakovsky was working on Samurai Jack at the time, he handed the reins to Chris Savino for Seasons 3 and 4, and in general, those episodes don’t hold a candle to Seasons 1 and 2.


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