Atypical: Season 4

As they say, “Every story has a beginning, and an end.” Especially a television series none other than “Atypical.” The final season is currently streaming on Netflix. Sam & Casey’s story follows the next step in their personal lives as they must decide where to go before they bid farewell to their friends and family while enduring the ups and downs of growing up.

It’s mid-year. I wanna share my thoughts on the grand finale before the highly anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things” streams in 2022. Two sequels to “Knives Out” starring Daniel Craig will stream in the future.

Today’s review contains no crucial SPOILERS. I’m giving some of y’all a chance to look back at the previous seasons. Is the last season worth a watch? Let’s find out shall we?

Pros & Cons

Pros: The Main Cast such as Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rapaport, Jenna Boyd, Fivel Stewart, Nik Dodani & Graham Rodgers reprise their roles one last time and they all did a great job for their respective performances. In addition to co-starring, Jennifer served as an executive producer.

Showrunner, Robin Rashid mapped out all ten episodes. Making sure each one is interconnected as a cohesive narrative.

Chemistry between Sam, Casey, their friends and family serve as the main highlight. Their interactions pushes the story forward.

Humor retains its quirky tone. Gotta love Sam’s love interest, Paige. She’s known for her over-the-top no indoor voice.

Sam’s fondness for penguins and Antarctica continues to play a pivotal role. If you wanna spice things up a notch. How about a drinking game? Take a shot every time penguins or Antarctica is mentioned. Don’t forget Sam’s drawings. If I were you, stick to water or Dr. Pepper. I do not condone alcohol poisoning.

Main Story Arc focuses on Sam as he intends to go on a trip by saving enough money. Can you guess where he’s going?

Besides Sam’s goal, Casey is caught in a dilemma. Sam’s best friend Zahid receives bad news. Paige is working her way up the ladder. Sam & Casey’s father Doug, is struggling to move on from a terrible event. Izzie is conflicted over Casey’s problem.

Casey is my favorite character. She’s funny, sarcastic, sweet and very protective. Why can’t I have her for a sister? In my opinion, she’s the main character of the show. By the way, Bridgette Lundy-Paine is one of my favorite actors.

Despite giving me belly laughs, dramatic scenes didn’t go overboard as in Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room.” In the words of Thanos, “Perfectly balanced.”

If you’re already caught up, callbacks to previous seasons are mentioned.

Character Development involving every individual. As each episode progresses, they feel a sudden change.

All episodes didn’t feel like a drab. Meaning I never felt bored from beginning to end.

Primary Themes are Family, Friendship, Passion, Choice, Future & Growing Up. Each one is handled maturely.

The Final Episode will make you cry. Hate to break it to ya, but I didn’t shed any tears. The last time a show made me cry was the The Mandalorian’s second season finale. It’s gonna be challenging for another show to surpass the aforementioned Disney Plus series by giving me a big tearjerker.

Cons: One episode suffers a bad case of Shaky Cam. Is is so difficult keeping a camera still? Who’s in charge of cinematography Woody Woodpecker drinking 24 cans of Red Bull?

The Final Verdict: A-


From my point of view, Atypical’s final season is a feel good heartwarming finale that’ll make you cry in a good way. If you wanna get caught up before checking out the series, I highly recommend the previous seasons.

As of July 2021, Atypical is one of the best things in 2021 along with Godzilla VS. Kong.” “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier,” “Black Widow,” “Halston” & my favorite film of the year so far is “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” We still have a lot more movies and shows in the later half of 2021. All we can do is be patient and stay safe.

I think Brigette Lundy-Paine has a bright future ahead. I would like to see them in a Christopher Nolan film or series. That would be a dream come true.

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