Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks Saga

Set after the events of “The Universe 6 Saga,” Dragon Ball Super’s next story arc is the return of Trunks from an alternate timeline where Goku dies from a lethal heart virus with no chance being brought back to life with the dragon balls. It’s a long story for those who don’t understand the mythology surrounding the origin behind the dragon balls. If you already understand it like I do, you probably get it. Trunks’ origin can be seen in film titled, “The History Of Trunks” for more further details. Don’t forget to check out “The Android Saga.” Trunks comes back to the main timeline for help to combat a powerful enemy who looks exactly like Goku.

“The Future Trunks Saga” aired on Toonami/Adult Swim/Cartoon Network in 2018. (same year The Alienist aired on TNT) It earned positive reviews from critics, fans and viewers alike.

Recently, an upcoming Dragon Ball Super film is slated to come out in 2022. As a lifelong DBZ fan since Toonami’s golden years, I’d like to share my thoughts on The Future Trunks Saga before Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming film will be released sometime next year.

Today’s review doesn’t contain crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article. Due to a ridiculous amount of episodes, I’m not giving a full analysis on every single one spanning a total of 30. I’ll do my best to recall this story arc in a condense format.

Powerful & Weak Aspects

Powerful: Veteran Voice Actors from Funimation including Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, Eric Vale, Sonny Strait, Chuck Huber and many others reprise their roles & they all did an excellent job for their respective voiceover performances.

Animation retains its polished style bringing character models, fluid combat, environmental locations, the world, The Z Fighters live among many other crucial details.

Action Sequences are pretty intense. Primarily focusing on Goku, Vegeta & Trunks engaging in comnat with Goku Black & Zamasu.

Humor retains Beerus’ love for food, Goku’s dumb moments. He’s like the Adam Sandler of DBZ.

Goku & Vegeta’s chemistry remains intact as friendly rivals.

Goku Black, an exact duplicate of Goku, plays an important role. His past is quite shocking. Unlike the latter, the former is evil. He comes from an alternate timeline. Goku Black gets an Extra Point, because he has a frickin’ laser sword manifesting from his arm like Frieza’s brother Cooler.

Zamasu who looks like a green version of Supreme Kai, also plays an important role. His past is interesting.

Let me let you in on an easy way to tell the difference between two Trunks. You can call the younger one Kid Trunks and the older one Future Trunks. I’m giving credit to the “DBZ: Budokai” video games for helping understand the difference between two Trunks.

Goku Black & Zamasu’s master plan is to eradicate humanity and create their own utopia.

Fun Fact: Both Goku Blac & Zamasu are playable characters in “Dragon Ball FighterZ.”

Future Trunks reunites with Goku & Vegeta. He desperately seeks help to defeat Goku Black as his own time is in peril.

Future Trunks and an adult Mai have some good scenes. Makes you care for them.

In case you’re wondering why time travel is complex, it’s not like going back to the past rewriting a significant event, altering the present and future. I don’t wanna go into full detail on Dragon Ball Super’s own take on time travel. It’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo science.

Without giving anything away, Future Trunks gains a new power.

The last few episodes after the 67th episode, the last nine episodes are either filler (the good kind) or a specific one setting up the next saga.

Arale from “Dr. Slump” makes a guest appearance. She’s actually created by DBZ creator Akira Toriyama. Arale appeared on an episode of Dragon Ball. Episode 69 is crazy and nutty to fit Dr. Slump’s tone.

Weak: A fusion character returning from “The Majin Buu Saga” falls flat. I wanted to see him in more episodes.

Goku’s annoying wife Chi-Chi is in this saga. I have to accept the fact he’s married.

The Final Verdict: A-

From my perspective, Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks Saga is a decent story arc worth watching all 30 episodes. If you’re a fan of DBZ like me and eager to see the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film, I highly recommend this as a rewatch along with “The Universal Survival Saga” & “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.”

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