The Looney Tunes Show: Season 1

The Looney Tunes Show aired in 2011. (same year Game Of Thrones first aired on HBO) It received from critics and avid fans. A second season in 2012. Unfortunately, it got cancelled.

‘Space Jam: A New Legacy” will be released on July in theaters and available to stream on HBO Max. Before the upcoming sequel to one of the movies I used to watch as a kid, I want to share my thoughts on The Looney Tunes if it’s a hit or miss. Besides “Space Jam,” I used to watch classic Looney Tunes and last but not least, “Duck Dodgers” on Cartoon Network. I never liked “Baby Looney Tunes,” because it was a far cry from the beloved cartoons’ unapologetic slapstick.

This review contains no SPOILERS whatsoever. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

The Whole Season

Positive: Voice Actors all did a decent job for their respective voiceover performances.

Animation is surprisingly good. Doesn’t butt ugly like “Teen Titans Go.” A.K.A. Cartoon Network’s fall from grace.

I know some die hard Looney Tunes fans don’t like the concept of Bugs & Daffy living together as roommates, but I thought the dynamic between the pair felt organic. I didn’t mind the change with them as roommates like “The Odd Couple.”

Music Videos under the name “Merrie Melodies” features a specific character or two singing makes an appearance once per episode. Technically, not all episodes.

Despite lacking copious amount of slapstick, humor has witty dialogue, a few visual gags and aforementioned music videos that made me laugh. If you grew up watching the gold standard cartoons, you might not like the direction.

Whenever Daffy’s scheme fails, karma bites him in the butt.

Daffy has a middle name.

Ben Falcone (Melissa McCarthy’s real life husband and collaborator) co-wrote some of the episodes.

The show is set in modern times or as I call it, “The iPhone Generation.”

Daffy has a float designed after him which is attached to roof of his car.

After the end credits, Porky Pig says his signature catchphrase “That’s all folks. A specific character occasionally fills in for Porky.

Negative: Lola’s first appearance on the show is a far cry from her debut in “Space Jam.” Lola is depicted as a crazy stalker obsessed with Bugs. I have nothing against Kristen Wiig, she’s funny on SNL, “Bridesmaids” and other works except “Ghostbusters 2016,” but I didn’t like her voiceover performance as Lola. Look at the bright side, Lola is back to her old ways in Space Jam: A New Legacy with Zendaya (one of my favorite actresses) taking over.

Gossamer The Hairy Red Monster is depicted as as a shy kid. He’s also related to The Witch with green skin. Not the one from “The Wizard Of Oz.”

Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner cartoons are computer animated. I think these are rejected shorts before WB plays any WB related movie spanning from 2011-2012 such as “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows,” “Contagion,” “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows,” “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” etc. You know the equivalent of Disney playing shorts before the actual movie begins? C.G.I. cartoons felt outta place yet it doesn’t match the show’s hand drawn format.

Episode 1 – Best Friends

Well: Bugs & Daffy partake on a game show.

Daffy tries to cheer Bugs up.

Superman is referenced. Bugs starred in a parody of the Superman cartoons from The 40s.

Elmer Fudd appears in a music video. First time I saw him singing about his favorite food, I laughed my butt off.

Sick: No flaws found.

Episode 2 – Members Only

Honest: Bugs goes on a date with Lola. Things don’t go quite right.

Marvin The Martian appears in a music video.

Dishonest: Why did Cartoon Network change Lola’s personality? I like her better in Space Jam.

Episode 3 – Jailbird And Jailbunny

Legal: Daffy is arrested after he litters a can of soda in The Grand Canyon. Refusing to pay a fine, he’s sent to prison. He also drags Bugs, due to a petty argument.

The Duo run from the law.

Yosemite Sam appears in a music video.

Illegal: No issues found.

Episode 4 – Fish And Visitors

Friend: When his power when out during a rainstorm, Yosemite Sam stays at Bugs’ place. Hilarity Ensues.

Sam is funny as heck. I sings a Cheap Trick song.

Henry Hawk & Foghorn Leghorn appear in a music video together.

Foe: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 5 – Monster Talent

Smart: Bugs becomes famous in Speedy’s commercial saying only one line. This gets on his nerves.

When Daffy teaches Gossamer how to dance, he’s dressed like Bob Fosse. One of David Fincher’s favorite directors and also one of mine.

Dumb: Gossamer is depicted as a little kid, instead of a fully grown monster from the classic cartoons.

Episode 6 – Reunion

Well: Bugs & Daffy go to their high school reunion.

Daffy tries to regain his popularity only telling lies.

Batman is referenced. “Batman: Arkham City” came out the exact same year The Looney Tunes Show aired.

A flashback shows Daffy in high school.

Foghorn Leghorn has his own music video.

Sick: Couldn’t find anything wrong.

Episode 7 – Casa De Calma

Calm: While on vacation, Bugs & Daffy compete against each other to win the heart of an actress based on Scarlett “Scarjo” Johansson. She’s my celeb crush besides others such as Hunter Schafer, Natalie Portman, Iggy Azalea, Michelle Rodriguez & Rosario Dawson. Scarjo is yummy. I am so jealous Colin Jost is one lucky guy. To quote a running gag based on Nostalgia Critic’s celeb crush Catherine Zeta-Jones. “I don’t care if Scarjo worked with Woody Allen, ONE DAY YOU’LL BE MINE!”

Both Bugs & Daffy talk to the audience known as “Fourth Wall Breaking.” A classic Looney Tunes trope.

Speedy Gonzalez appear in a music video as a parody of Zorro.

Unstable: No flaw found.

Episode 8 – Devil Dog

Angel: After Tasmanian Devil escapes The Zoo, Bugs mistakes him for a lost dog and decides to keep him. Things get messy.

Opening Scene pokes fun at the opening from “Jurassic Park.”

Devil: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 9 – The Foghorn Leghorn Story

Yummy: Foghorn makes a biopic of his life with Daffy casted as the former. Daffy’s acting looks like something off of a Tommy Weisu film. He’s known for making his magnum opus of so bad it’s good known as “The Room.”

Two fight scenes happen at the same time.

Foghorn said, “Is that all you got?” A possible reference to Tim Roth’s line from “The Incredible Hulk.”

Yosemite Sam attempts to sell a case.

Disgusting: No issues spotted.

Episode 10 – Eligible Bachelors

Eligible: Bugs ends up with Lola when she won a bachelor auction organized by Porky Pig.

Tweety Bird’s owner Granny, used to be a spy in World War II.

A “Wilhelm Scream” is heard.

Daffy ends up with unexpected character after winning a bachelor auction.

Ineligible: Lola is in this episode as she takes Bugs on a dinner date in Paris. I hate her as a complete moron.

Episode 11 – Peel Of Fortune

Wealthy: Daffy steals Bug’s rejected idea so he can instantly earn money.

This episode is a rags to riches narrative focusing on Daffy while Bugs struggles to earn a paycheck.

Poor: Lola appears in a music video alongside Bugs. She thinks Bugs and her are in love. I cannot believe I’m saying this as a “Star Wars” fan. Anakin & Padme had better chemistry them Bugs & Lola. At least “The Prequel Trilogy” tried to build up Luke & Leia’s lineage based on their father’s origins.

Episode 12 – Double Date

More: Daffy’s girlfriend’ Tina Russo (voiced by Jennifer Esposito) makes her debut. She’s more stable than Lola.

Mac & Tosh (twin gophers) appear in a music video alongside Marvin The Martian.

Less: Lola appears in this episode. Due to a misunderstanding, she immediately falls in love with Daffy. Ugh! Rose Tico instantly falling in love with Finn from “The Last Jedi” in a nutshell.

Episode 13 – To Bowl Or Not To Bowl

Winner: Episode 13’s title is a play on word of Hamlet’s famous quote, “To be or not to be.”

Daffy enters a bowling tournament. As a result of a teammate of his getting injured, he’s forced to find a replacement.

Sylvester & Tweety appear in a music video.

Loser: No flaws found.

Episode 14 – Newspaper Thief

Found: Daffy becomes suspicious on a neighbor stealing his newspaper.

Bugs invites his neighbors for a dinner party.

Tasmanian Devil appears in a music video.

“The 1812 Overture” is played during Daffy’s antics. Reminds me of the opening scene from “V For Vendetta.”

Stolen: No issues found.

Episode 15 – Bugs & Daffy Get A Job

Hired: Bugs & Porky Pig apply for jobs. Meanwhile, Daffy gets himself a “job.”

Feeing bored, Bugs wants to make Porky have fun at work.

Bugs legitimately describes Daffy’s personality. 

Fired: No flaws spotted.

Episode 16 – That’s My Baby

Happy: Daffy babysits Tina’s nephew.

Daffy seeing a movie got me cracking up.

Ignoring Bugs’ advice, Porky is a constant victim of upselling. I can imagine Porky being swindled by video game companies Electronic Arts, Bethesda Studios & Ubisoft tricking him into paying microtransactions.

Pepe Le Pew appears in a music video. Too bad he got removed for a stupid reason. He never pulled out his “sausage” like Louis C.K. Why the heck are The Droogs from “A Clockwork Orange” are in Space Jam: A New Legacy? WB are acting like a bunch of hypocritical pendejos. They need to get their act together, because Pepe needs to stay as a prominent character under the hashtag #FreePepeLePew

Sad: No boo boos seen.

Episode 17 – Sunday Night Slice

Light: Bugs reopens his favorite restaurant. He hires Daffy, Marvin The Martian & Pete Puma as employees. Hilarity ensues.

Daffy himself appears in a music video.

Dark: No boo boos spotted.

Episode 18 – The DMV

Pass: Daffy is forced to take a driving test after he drives past a stop sign.

A running gag involving somebody being pulled over by a cop.

Fail: Lola is in this episode. I can’t stand her moronic tendencies.

Episode 19 – Off Duty Cop

Right: Daffy impersonates an actor who portrays a police officer arresting random citizens for absurd reasons.

Bugs becomes addicted to an energy drink. If he went on the “Requiem For A Dream” route, I would’ve laughed my butt off.

The late Powers Boothe has a voiceover role.

Wrong: No issues found.

Episode 20 – Working Duck

Hired: Foghorn handpicks Daffy as the CEO of his company.

Speedy Gonzales appears in a music video.

Fed up with Daffy’s incompetence, Bugs kicks him out.

Fired: No terrible thing occurred.

Episode 21 – French Fries

Tasty: Daffy is angry at Porky for eating his fries when the latter thought they were for the table.

Bugs tries to get Daffy & Porky to reconcile so he can go to a football game. 

Yosemite Sam attempts to become a millionaire.

Raw: Lola appears in a music video. As a result of her stupidity, she mentions fictional characters and celebrities as presidents. In the words of Gandalf from “The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.” “Fool of a took!” “Throw yourself in next time in rid us of your stupidity!”

Episode 22 – Beauty School

Beautiful: Tina enrolls in beauty school with Daffy’s support.

Bugs teaches Porky to dance.

Lola mentions “Aliens.” The only good thing she did is suggesting to watch one of my favorite movies of all time.

Ugly: Lola is in this episode. I like the old Lola better.

Episode 23 – The Float

Float: Caught in a massive debt, Daffy steals Porky’s money so he can pay off a huge mess leaving the pig losing all his life savings. What do you expect? Porky is always treated like a punching bag both emotionally and physically.

Daffy earns himself a reality check. He’s basically duck version of Jordan Belfort from “The Wolf Of Wall Street.”

Mac & Tosh appear in a music video.

Sink: No bad thing occurred.

Episode 24 – The Shelf

On: Bugs has a hard time hanging a shelf to put his Nobel Prize on display.

Daffy & Porky appear in a music video.

Off: Lola appears yet again.

Episode 25 – The Muh-Muh-Muh Murder

Solved: Daffy thinks Porky Pig is a serial killer.

After Lola injures her foot, Bugs takes care of her.

Unsolved: Anytime Lola shows up, I want an episode to end immediately. 

Episode 26 – Point, Laser Point

Clear: Episode 26’s title is a play on word of James Bond’s catchphrase, “The name’s Bond, James Bond.”

Sylvester becomes obsessed with a laser pointer. 

Speedy Gonzales appears in a music video.

Blind: Nothing terrible happened.

The Final Verdict: B-

From my point of view, The Looney Tunes Show is an average iteration of Looney Tunes. It’s not terrible or on the same level as the classic cartoons from The 40s-50s. Despite a few blemishes, I find most of the episodes enjoyable. If you have an open mind and curious to see a different take on Looney Tunes. Give it a try alongside the season season. Both seasons are available to stream on HBO Max.

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