Crazy Rich Asians

In 2013, author Kevin Kwan published a book titled, “Crazy Rich Asians.” A romance novel about an Asian-American woman who’s invited to meet her boyfriend’s wealthy family in Singapore. The book earned positive reviews from critics and readers alike. Two sequels titled, “China Rich Girlfriend & “Rich People Problems” linked as a trilogy. In 2017, Warner Bros. or WB for short bought the film rights to adapt Crazy Rich Asians.

Crazy Rich Asians was released in 2018. (same year Avengers: Infinity War came out) It became a sleeper hit earning positive reviews from critics and movie goers. Plus, it made enough revenue at the box office. Crazy Rich Asians is the first movie starring an all Asian cast since “The Joy Luck Club.” The former went on to earn a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Musical Or Comedy.”

Two sequels based on the books are currently in development. By the way, Awkwafina will star in upcoming film “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings” set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU for short. Her most recent film “Raya And The Last Dragon” is out in theaters and streaming on Disney Plus.

Today’s review doesn’t contain no crucial SPOILERS. I’m giving some of you a chance to read the book or see the film. I’m gonna come clean, I never read the books. Is Crazy Rich Asians a sleeper hit or a dud? Let’s find out shall we?

Wealthy & Poor Aspects

Wealthy: Constance Wu & Henry Golding both did an excellent job for their respective performances.

Other Cast Members such as Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina & Ken Jeong all did a great job for their respective performances. Ken is in almost every movie or show I see. He really needs a steady paycheck.

Jon M. Chu did a decent job directing the film. He heavily recovered from that god awful Razzie nominee “Jem And The Holograms.”

Jokes were funny as heck. Awkwafina’s role as Peik Lin Goh definitely earns Bonus Points for making me laugh so hard. Actually pretty funny seeing Awkwafina wearing a blonde wig. She also ad-libbed her lines. Peik Lin Goh is arguably my favorite character, because she stole the show.

Chemistry between Rachel & Nick felt organic yet it serves as the main highlight.

Male lead shares the same name like me. I’m giving this an Extra Point, because hearing my name in a movie or series makes me feel good about myself.

Cinematography never suffered from a terrible case of Shaky Cam.

A may not be an expert on fashion, but the Costume Designs are gorgeous.

Crazy Rich Asians devoids cliches found in rom-coms. There’s no temporary break-up whenever a couple separates, then they put aside their differences and reconcile. About friggin time.

If you have a weakness for food, Singapore’s cuisine will make your mouth water.

Seeing Singapore’s beautiful landmarks makes me wanna go on vacation.

Primary Themes for the film are Classism, Family, Wealth & Culture. Each theme is told well without exaggerating.

The Tone manages to balance seriousness and comedy.

Each character has a distinctive personality helping you identify a specific individual. They’re not forgettable.

We learn about Rachel’s family’s backstory. I can’t tell you the juicy details. You’re gonna have to see for yourself.

The title of the book/movie means Nick’s family is insanely rich.

Opening Scene establishes The Young Family.

Coldplay’s “Yellow” is played during a specific scene. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands.

A mid-credits scene is optional to watch.

Poor: I couldn’t find any flaws within this movie. I’m giving The Cast & Crew an Extra Point for making a flawless movie as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

From my point of view, Crazy Rich Asians is a unique rom-com subverting cliches typically shown in the genre. At first, I thought it was gonna be just another predictable rom-com from Hollywood’s leftover garbage bin. Upon watching it, I didn’t expect it to be a sleeper hit. If WB are officially onboard with two sequels without anything on their plate, count me in. If you haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians, I strongly recommend it. Trust me, it’s worth a date night with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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