Code Lyoko: Season 3

After Code Lyoko’s second season aired in 2005, a follow up immediately began development. Code Lyoko’s third season aired in 2006 (same year Happy Feet came out) on Cartoon Network as part of its former block, “Miguzi.” Like its predecessors, Season 3 earned positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. Code Lyoko’s final fourth season aired in 2007. A lackluster sequel series, “Code Lyoko: Evolution” aired in 2013, tragically killing the franchise.

“The Matrix 4” will be out in 2021. The controversial video game “Cyberpunk 2077” is out. As of right now, CD Projekt is repairing numerous problems when it first launched, all heck broke loose. What do these two have in common with Code Lyoko? They are associated with the cyberpunk sub-genre.

Today’s review doesn’t contain no crucial SPOILERS. I’m giving some of you guys and gals a chance to watch the series. I’m gonna give y’all a warning. SPOILERS from Season 2 will be mentioned. If you’re not fully caught up, read at your very own risk.

The Whole Season

Positive: Voice Actors from the previous two seasons all did an excellent job for their respective voiceover performances.

As I’ve mentioned from my previous reviews of Code Lyoko’s first two seasons, Aelita is my favorite character. When I was a kid, I used to have a crush on her besides Raven from the original “Teen Titans” & Clover from “Totally Spies.”

After regaining her memories, Aelita finally adapts to human society, she’s more snarky than the last season and acquires a new power to defend herself from XANA’s monsters. I’m gonna say it. Aelita is adorable. Every time she does something cute, she earns an Extra Point.

Season 3 takes place after Season 2. The Gang’s primary mission is to search for Aelita’s missing father, Franz Hopper on Lyoko.

In Lyoko, Aelita has an earring on one of her ears. A nod to Harrison Ford’s pierced ear.

Animation retains its unique anime style in both 2D & 3D format as they bring many elements to life including character models, fluid movement, action scenes, environmental locations just to name a few.

Action Sequences never got me bored from start to finish.

The show is influenced by “The Matrix Trilogy,” “Tron” “Ghost In The Shell” & Alita: Battle Angel.” Whenever an action scene displays “Bullet Time,” you can tell Code Lyoko is influenced by The Matrix.

Chemistry between the five main characters serve as the main highlight. Each one’s specific personality makes him/her unique.

William factors in with a much bigger role than the last season.

Humor has some funny moments. Particularly anything involving Jim.

Like the previous seasons, Jim provides comic relief. He’s known to bring up previous jobs from his past. You can’t forget his catchphrase, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

XANA’s goal is to destroy the four sectors on Lyoko and then proceed to destroy “The Core Of Lyoko,” located in Sector Five. He plans on killing Hopper.

Whenever a monster fires a laser, it sounds like the blaster sound effects from “Star Wars.” I would’ve laughed so hard if a monster dies, it shouts a “Wilhelm Scream.”

Season 3’s finale sets up the final season.

Negative: What the heck happened to Jeremy’s voice? He sounds like somebody possessed by Xana stepped on his nuts.

Aelita acts like a moron without fleeing from the jellyfish monster. I think it’s completely out of character. I would assume the side effect of regaining her memories is stupidity. I can’t believe I’m quoting an R. Kelly meme, “That’s stupid, use your common sense!” By the way, R. Kelly is an atrocious monster. I have no choice, but to Double Down this con. Aelita is smarter than Ulrich, Yumi & Odd she should better! This is bullcrud!

The season finale has one character acting like a goofball believing he’s in a video game.

Episode 0 – Xana Awakens Parts 1-2

Active: Why is this Episode 0? Because it’s a two parter prequel on how The Gang got here in the first place. I’ll sum it up in three words. “An origin story.”

The Gang go on their first adventure together as they must put their differences aside and face Xana. Basically like any buddy cop movie.

Sissi plays a big role in the first episode in chronological order. Without giving too much away, there’s a huge reason why The Gang never trust Sissi.

If you’re knowledgeable of the series, several call-forwards predict future episodes. Especially somebody jokingly mentioning a teddy bear. If you know what I mean?

We witness how The Gang manage to retain their memories whenever they rewind back in time.

The two parter prequel builds the mythology of the series.

The episode’s second part ends with Jeremy, he will develop a materialization program to transfer Aelita to the real world. Thus, Season 1’s story arc begins.

XANA’s first attacks are taking over Jeremy’s machines and create an electric sphere.

Inactive: Jeremy’s Lyoko form is never shown. The show wasted a golden opportunity to see what Jeremy looks like.

A continuity error shows Odd using his shield. He doesn’t acquire until Season 2. If he’s been using it since Xana Awakens, why didn’t he use it during battles from Season 1?

Episode 53 – Straight To Heart

Yay: After Summer Vacation is over, The Gang resume their mission to search for Hopper’s whereabouts.

Aelita acquires a new power to combat XANA’s monsters. After she’s given a compliment of her newfound power, she has a cute moment blushing.

Odd attempts to blackmail Jim so he can attend class with Aelita, Ulrich & Jeremy. If not, he’ll show an embarrassing old movie of Jim to the entire school. Reminds me of that diary episode from Season 1.

One character said, “I have a bad felling about this.” A reference to “Star Wars.”

Nay: Nothing stupid occurred.

Episode 54 – Lyoko Minus One

Plus: Xana’s possesses Yumi’s class. Odd runs for class representative against Sissi’s friend, Herb. Seems like a boarding school version of “Man Of The Year.” One scene pays homage to Neo’s battle with Agent Smith’s clones from “The Matrix Reloaded.”

Zero: A Plot Hole occurs when the jellyfish monster shows up to possess Aelita, why didn’t Jeremy doesn’t summon a vehicle for Aelita a few feet away and tell her to make a run for it.

Aelita acts like a nimrod who’s supposed to shoot the jellyfish monster, not hesitate for a few seconds to break wind.

Episode 55 – Tidal Wave

Float: I know it sounds ridiculous, XANA possesses food from the school’s cafeteria. Jim claims he’s in good shape. It’s ironic, because he’s a bumbling hypocritical fatass out of shape.

Sink: No con found.

Episode 56 – False Lead

True: After Jeremy hacks into a secret government agency, secret agents in black visit the school. They’re not Jay & Kay from “Men In Black,” those are the bad guys like the government from “ET The Extra-Terrestrial.” Jim assists the secret agents. Go with a “Mad Libs: Jim Morales Edition” by filling in a random job and then write down his catchphrase.

False: One of the secrets agents speaks in a high pitch voice. What his he a battle droid in human form or was the agent sucking too much helium? Am I suppose to take this seriously?

Episode 57 – Aelita

Strong: Episode 57’s title is obviously named after the main protagonist and my favorite character.

Flashbacks further show Aelita’s first arrival on Lyoko. I’m gonna come clean, it made me cry.

Concerned about her father’s wellbeing, Aelita goes to Lyoko with Odd to track down Hopper’s whereabouts without Jeremy’s permission.

Weak: No flaws found.

Episode 58 – The Pretender

Real: Xana takes over a flock of crows. His scheme is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” I believe The Foo Fighters named their hit song after Episode 58’s title. Maybe their kids are fans of Code Lyoko. Yumi has a hard time when a boy follow her everywhere. Jim said his catchphrase yet again. Never gets old.

False: Aelita & Ulrich make a stupid ass decision. All I can say is, why didn’t they stay inside a tower? You can’t leave a tower when there’s danger. That’s like staying outside during a hurricane. Beavis & Butthead are making fun of them for their idiocy.

Episode 59 – The Secret

Open: Yumi finally has an epic moment. She’s come a long way being the Rodney Dangerfield of Code Lyoko who gets no respect via always getting devirtualized. About time somebody throws Yumi a friggin’ bone. William finds outs about The Gang’s secret. The Gang attempt to prevent XANA from destroying the factory by using a set of bombs. If they fail, it’ll be like The Old Bailey blowing up from the opening scene from “V For Vendetta” with “The 1812 Overture” playing in the background. The bombs remind me of The Neuralizer from Men In Black.

Closed: Once again, Aelita doesn’t stay in the tower. She didn’t learn from her mistake. Imagine if she plays any “Dark Souls” game fighting a tough boss doing the same tactics over and over again ignoring help from others?

Episode 60 – Temporary Insanity

Sane: In the real world, Ulrich & Odd think they’re still in Lyoko. It’s hilarious how they interact with people in the real world mistaken for Xana’s monsters.

Aelita & Yumi work together by escorting Ulrich & Odd to Lyoko so they can retain their vision.

Is it me or does the drama teacher looks like Rick Sanchez from “Rick & Morty?” I would totally watch a crossover. Come Justin Roiland & Adult Swim, please make this a reality.

I laughed so hard seeing Aelita having a hard time guiding Ulrich & Odd.

Once again, Jim said his catchphrase.

Temporary Insanity is my favorite episode from Season 3.

Insane: No flaws were found.

Episode 61 – Sabotage

Free: Episode 61’s title is named after a Beastie Boys song. Also named after XANA’s scheme The Gang make an ultimate decision. Without Jeremy’s help, The Gang must repair the supercomputer leaving Aelita to take over her boyfriend’s place and deactivate a tower in a race against time. XANA takes control of plants. Even one scene pays tribute to “The Evil Dead” when vines grab a victim.

Trapped: A continuity error showing Aelita holding a box. Same scene cuts to her empty handed. Then the scene cuts to her holding the exact same box.

Episode 62 – Nobody In Particular

Somebody: Due to an experiment gone wrong, Ulrich gains the power to possess people resulting in “fish out of water” moments. He possesses an adult. He’s like Tom Hanks in “Big.” Xana takes over Ulrich’s lifeless body on Lyoko so he can finish his dirty work. Gotta love Jim’s catchphrase. He needs a spin-off about his random jobs. Perhaps a prequel like “Better Call Saul” could work.

Nobody: No con found.

Episode 63 – Triple Trouble

Trio: Episode 63’s title is named after a Beastie Boys song. The title is a double reference to Odd’s clones. Again, Episode 61’s title, “Sabotage” is also named after another Beastie Boys song. Speaking of clones, a bug in Odd’s teleportation ability causes him to unintentionally duplicate two clones. Wait a minute. Multiple Man from “X-Men: The Last Stand” made his cinematic debut the same year Code Lyoko’s third season aired. Could be worse if Odd merges with a fly like Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly.” After Aelita, Ulrich & Yumi use their special powers, I laughed my butt off over Odd’s one liner, “What am I a groupie?!” His delivery deserves an Extra Point. Cartoon Network got pretty sneaky getting away with that risqué line. Odd addressed he lost his precognition from Season 1 when Jeremy reprogrammed him and his friends’ perks. Odd is fed up with his friends’ special powers, he persuades Jeremy to give him the ability to teleport. However, it doesn’t go according to plan. XANA’s scheme is using a cloud of smoke turning anybody into stone. Or in this case *puts on sunglasses* stoned. “YEAAAAAAAH!”

Zero: No issues found.

Episode 64 – Double Trouble

Safe: Feeling physically/emotionally exhausted from XANA’s constant attacks, The Gang must recruit William as a new member so helps them out. XANA creates an exact duplicate of one of the heroes. Jim uses his catchphrase. Will somebody please give him a spin-off?

Danger: Aelita doesn’t runaway from the jellyfish monster. Meanwhile, Jamie Kennedy as B-Rad from “Malibu’s Most Wanted” is yelling “Run he gonna kill you!”

Episode 65 – Final Round

Epic: William is now a full fledge member of The Gang. Ulrich’s father visits the school. All I can say is, he is not in a good mood. Without giving anything away, a member of The Gang meets his fate.

Season 3’s ending sets up the final season. Meaning, The Stakes drastically increase.

William’s big sword is based on Cloud’s sword from “Final Fantasy VII.”

Fail: On Lyoko, William acts like a complete dumbass. If you’ve seen this episode, guess what happens?

The Final Verdict: B-

Code Lyoko’s third season is an average follow up to the series. If it weren’t for a few flaws including Aelita behaving like a buffoon at times, I would’ve given Season 3 a B. As a fan of the series, I have to give it tough love by ranking Season 3 a painfully average score. If you wanna relive your childhood, watch all four seasons.

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