Look Who’s Talking Too

After “Look Who’s Talking” came out in 1989 becoming an unexpected hit, a sequel titled, “Look Who’s Talking Too” was green-lit immediately in an attempt to capitalize the same success as the first

Look Who’s Talking Too was released in 1990. (same year The Rescuers Down Under came out) Unlike the first movie, the sequel earned negative reviews from critics and it made less money at the box office. A third film titled, “Look Who’s Talking Now” was released in 1993 which was critically panned and labeled a box office bomb.

A fourth film is in the works. As of January 2021, I have no confirmation if John Travolta or Kirstie Alley will reprise their roles.

This review contains crucial SPOILERS.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: John Travolta & Kirstie Alley reprise their roles. They did a decent job for their respective performances.

Bruce Willis reprises his role as the voice of Mikey. He did a great job for his respective voiceover performances.

Damon Wayans provides the voice of Eddie. Both Bruce & Damon later worked together in “The Last Boy Scout.”

Elias Koteas (Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) plays Molly’s brother Stuart. He did a good job for his performance.

Roseanne did a solid job for her voiceover performance as Julie.

Mel Brooks has a voiceover cameo as a talking toilet from Mikey’s nightmare.

There’s a poster of “Total Recall” displayed in a movie theater. Bruce went on to co-star with Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Expendables” and its sequel. Total Recall also came out in 1990.

A photo of Sylvester “Sly” Stallone is seen when Molly teaches Mikey the difference between a boy and girl’s genitalia. Bruce Willis later co-starred with Sly in the first two Expendables films.

Cinematography never had any camera issues.

“Please Mr. Postman” is played in one scene. Courtesy of Nick Fury singing that tune in “Captain Marvel,” it’ll forever be cemented in my head.

During an argument, James yells “Put me in a fuckin’ dress!” John went on to play Edna Turnblad in “Hairspray.”

John compares to Stuart to Travis Bickle from “Taxi Driver.” Coincidentally, “Goodfellas” came out in 1990.

In one scene, Stuart wears a Metallica t-shirt. Metallica is one of my favorite bands.

Before the movie begins, Bruce does an imitation of Mr. Ed voicing the horse from the TriStar logo. “Family Guy” did a joke with Joe Swanson spoofing the TriStar logo.

Practical Effects were used to create sperm cells and egg.

James works as a pilot. In real life, John is an accomplished pilot.

Speaking of TriStar, the logo’s music is played when Julie walks for the first time.

My favorite is James dancing to Elvis Presley with the kids at a baby gym. John does his own dance moves.

Gilbert Gottfried plays a baby gym instructor. He’s hilarious to watch his over-the-top performance.

Negative: Amy Heckerling didn’t do pretty well making the sequel. She mentioned Sony forced her to make a sequel. It’s not entirely her fault, she just wanted to get this over with and move on.

There’s a Post-Credits Scene. It’s one of the most useless scenes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU for short) post-credits scene are legit then this piece of crud! That’s it! Time to Triple Down this con for making me feel stupid!

Remember the ending of the first film where Mikey said his first word? I know he’s just a baby but how come the voice in his head talks yet he says occasionally says a word? Doesn’t make sense. Gonna have to Double Down this con for making me broke my Suspension Of Disbelief.

The Opening Credits gets weirder than the first film. I understand the sperm had lines from last time, the egg inside Molly speaks. Was Amy smoking weed while writing the script?

As Molly goes into labor, her voices sounds like she’s possessed by Freddy Kruger yelling, “SO JUST ALLOW THE FUCKING DEDUCTION!” I’m not a certified, but does this happen in real life when a woman goes into labor with a demonic voice? If you’re a certified doctor, please leave me a comment.

Like the first movie, a “we are done cliche,” happened. Like most buddy cop and romantic comedies, you know a pair will put their differences aside and eventually reconcile. I find this trope predictable.

After Molly gives birth to Julie and then saying bye bye to her, the scene plays in a loop. Did the editor forget to double check the final cut?

Mikey’s first nightmare scene didn’t connect to the plot. His second nightmare made sense over his fear of using the toilet. The former nightmare scene however, should’ve been cut.

The sequel lacks a villain. The first film’s villain was Molly’s co-worker Albert. A random burglar is the closest thing for a bad guy.

A Freeze-Frame shows up when Mikey & Julie work together. I have a tendency to make fun of cheesy free-frames pretending to be a soap opera narrator whenever an episode is about end.

The Final Verdict: D-

Look Who’s Talking Too is a total misfire lacking substance from its predecessor. If you want to rewatch The Look Who’s Talking Trilogy before a possible fourth film happens, so be it.

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