Wonder Woman 1984 (WB’s Flops Vol. 2 #22)

In 2017, “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot as the titular character, was released in theaters worldwide. It received positive reactions from critics, fans and movie goers alike. It became the first film in “DC Extended Universe” (DCEU for short) to earn good reception. A solo sequel titled, “Wonder Woman 1984” was in the works with Patty Jenkins back in the director’s chair, Gal Gadot & Chris Pine reprising their role as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince & Steve Trevor. The stand-alone sequel is set seven decades after the first movie. Diana has fully adapted to human society. As a result of her demigod heritage, she hasn’t aged a day. Suddenly, her love interest Steve comes back to face off against Cheetah (Wonder Woman’s archenemy from the comics) & Max Lord. Two against Two.

Originally slated for a release in June, COVID-19 forced Warner Bros. (WB for short) to push back twice. Ultimately, they made a drastic business decision by releasing the film simultaneously in theaters and stream on “HBO Max on Christmas Day. As you may know, WB confirmed upcoming films including “The Suicide Squad,” “The Many Saints Of Newark,” “The Matrix 4” among a few others will follow the same route as Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently out right now. It received positive reviews from critics.

Today’s review doesn’t contain no very important SPOILERS. Is the second solo movie as good as the first? Let’s find out.

Totally Tublar & Dead Meat Elements

Totally Tublar: Gal Gadot & Chris Pine reprise their roles as Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor. Gal served as a co-producer.

Connie Nielsen & Robin Wright both reprise their roles.

Newcomers to the DCEU such as Kristen Wiig & Pedro Pascal (one of my favorite actors) both did a decent job for their respective performances. Pedro on the other hand stole the show. He deserves Bonus Points.

Patty Jenkins returns to the director’s chair. She also wrote & co-produced it.

Zack Snyder & his wife Deborah co-produced the sequel.

Action Sequences were pretty good.

Diana retains her trademark red and blue outfit, tiara (the equivalent of Xena’s chakram) and last but not least, The Lasso Of Truth.

Diana’s golden armor is taken straight from Alex Ross’ graphic novel, “Kingdom Come.”

Hans Zimmer served as a composer thanks to his experience orchestrating “The Dark Knight Trilogy.”

Chemistry between Diana & Steve serves as the main highlight. Their relationship continues to grow.

Cinematography never had any technical problems throughout.

Visual Effects didn’t seem blocky nor unpolished. I’m so glad Cheetah’s design didn’t give me painful flashbacks to Tom Hooper’s Razzie winning adaptation of “Cats.”

According to Pedro, his role as Max Lord is based on an amalgamation of Gene Hackman’s version of Lex Luthor, Michael Douglas’ role as Gordon Gecko from “Wall Street” & Nicolas Cage.

Fun Fact: Both Wonder Woman 1984 & Robert Rodriguez’ “We Can Be Heroes” were both released featuring Pedro in a superhero film.

Brett Ratner (Rush Hour Trilogy, Red Dragon, X-Men: The Last Stand) and his now defunct production company, “RatPac Entertainment” are not involved. Gal Gadot booted him out, because of his past misdeeds. I’m giving Gal an Extra Point for doing the right thing kicking out a groper. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

A harasser is probably based on the aforementioned disgraced filmmaker/producer Brett. I believe it’s a jab on him. Don’t worry, he gets what he deserves.

Wonder Woman 1984 ain’t the only movie set in 1984. Movies set in the exact year or were released the exact same year are “The Terminator,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” Ghostbusters,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom,” “The Breakfast Club,” “National Lampoon’s European Vacation,” “The NeverEnding Story” “Gremlins,” “Splash,” “Dune,” “Once Upon a Time In America,” “The Karate Kid,” “The Last Starfighter,” “Footloose,” “Purple Rain,” “Police Academy,” “Sixteen Candles,” “The Toxic Avenger,” “This Is Spinal Tap,” “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock,” “Children Of The Corn” & “Red Dawn.” Phew! Listing every single popular movie is as if I’m writing lyrics for a “Pokémon” rap, but with 80’s movies. Y’all heard of the tune “Pokérap?”

Other works like “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” & “Stranger Things: Season 2” also take place in 1984.

Like the first movie, a “Fish Out Of Water” scenario is used. This time, Steve is adjusting to The 80’s. Not exaggerated like “Austin Powers.”

If you’re scratching your brain why Steve is back, there’s a legit explanation I cannot afford to give away crucial plot details.

Somebody said, “You look breathtaking.” I can’t help but to laugh at Keanu Reeves’ meme from “The 2019 E3 Expo.”

The Primary Theme centers around “Dreams Becoming A Reality.” If you’ve seen it, you might know the true meaning behind this theme.

A familiar face makes a cameo appearance in a Mid-Credits Scene.

Dead Meat: If you have a short attention span like any Michael Bay fanboy, you’ll probably get bored. I’m letting this flaw slide, because I didn’t get bored at all. I’ve absorbed specific plot points like a sponge in order to obtain necessary information.

One character said, “Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.” Ugh! I hate that cliche line. If I were co-writing the script with Patty, I would’ve added my own variation. “Looks like you’ve seen John Belushi.”

Without giving anything away, one character’s fate is never resolved.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BEAUTY!

Despite my two gripes, Wonder Woman 1984 is a solid sequel not on my highest grade as I’ve given the first solo movie an A, FOR APEX. Well whadya know? Another great movie added to the best films of 2020 next to “Birds Of Prey,” “Bill & Ted Face The Music,” “Scoob,” “Impractical Jokers: The Movie,” “Happiest Season” & “Tenet.”

If you want to see it in theaters (Door Number 1) or want to subscribe on HBO Max (Door Number 2) at home, choose whatever suits your preference. I’m officially onboard to see Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Star Wars film spin-off, “Rouge Squadron” coming in 2023. I’ll be 30 by the time it comes out.

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