Flashback Review: Code Lyoko: Season 2

After Code Lyoko’s first season aired in 2004, a second season commenced immediately.

Code Lyoko’s second season aired in 2005. (same year Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Wererabbit came out) The second season earned positive reactions from critics and viewers alike. The show spawned two more seasons and a lackluster sequel series, “Code Lyoko: Evolution.”

“The Matrix 4″will be out in 2022. “The Matrix Trilogy” is an influence on Code Lyoko. “Cyberpunk 2077” is slated to come out on December 10. Code Lyoko counts as part of the cyberpunk sub-genre.

NOTE FROM 2021: The Matrix Resurrections is actually coming out on December 2021..

This review doesn’t list any big SPOILERS. Feel free to check out my non-spoiler article.

The Whole Season

Pros: Voice Actors did an amazing job for their respective voiceover performances.

Aelita is my favorite character. When I was a kid, I used to have a crush on her. Aelita gets an additional point whenever she acts cute.

Action Sequences kept me invested.

Chemistry between Aelita & her friends serve as an important highlight. Each of them has a personality making it easy to identify who’s who.

In Lyoko. Aelita has an earring on one of her ears like Harrison Ford’s pierced ear.

Season 2 is set after Season 1’s bittersweet finale. Aelita is now attending her friends’ school. She & Jeremy are looking for a cure to remove a virus planted by XANA.

Season 2 vastly improves the show upgrading both 2D & 3D animation are fluid, redesigning Lyoko’s environment, new music tracks, and last but not least, ditching repetitive plot points from the last season in favor of telling a fresh story arc.

The Tone’s slightly darker than Season 1.

Vehicles in Lyoko are a new addition for The Gang.

XANA’s tactics are harder for The Gang. If Jeremy activates time reverse back to the past, XANA will grow stronger. Jeremy only uses it for special situations. Thank goodness going back in time isn’t used very much.

New monsters are developed under XANA’s wrath. Especially a jellyfish looking creature whose goal is to extract Aelita’s DNA. Outside Lyoko XANA possesses a human granting the victim superpowers. Whenever he/she shoots out lightning from their hands, all I can say is “UNLIMITED POWER.” You gotta know Emperor Palpatine’s over-the-top delivery.

Whenever a monster fires a laser, they sound like the sound effects from “Star Wars.” Speaking of which, “Revenge of the Sith” came out in 2005.

I think Code Lyoko might’ve inspired “Stranger Things.” Aelita & Jeremy’s chemistry is similar to Eleven & Mike. Both Odd & Dustin are comical. Ulrich & Yumi’s on-and off-again friendship/relationship are kinda like Lucas & Max. Don’t forget a character named, Jim is caught in the action. XANA & The Mind Flayer raise the stakes by summoning their own monster or possess anything they touch in the real world. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Maybe The Duffer Brothers are fans of Code Lyoko.

As I’ve mentioned on my review of Season 1, Code Lyoko is influenced by “The Matrix Trilogy,” “Tron,” “Ghost In The Shell,” “ReBoot” & “Alita: Battle Angel.”

Bullet Time is used in certain scenes. “The Matrix: Path of Neo” was released in 2005.

Thanks to Jeremy’s devirtualization process from the last season, Aelita finally gets to live on Earth, but she and her friends are not out of the woods yet. They have to find a cure to remove Aelita’s condition after XANA plants a virus on her from Season 1’s finale.

Jim provides comic relief. He’s known for bringing up random jobs from his past. Cue his catchphrase, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

A new student named, William Dunbar is introduced. He factors in several episodes.

Franz Hopper, a mysterious man plays a pivotal role.

An abandoned home factors in a key role.

Season 2 gives Aelita a bigger role. She begins to experience visions and nightmares linked to the aforementioned Franz Hopper. Aelita also has a little bit of “Fish Out of Water” moments as she’s adjusting to reality. Despite a hard time in both Lyoko & Earth, Aelita eventually adapts to society courtesy of Character Development. She does have some adorable moments when she’s with Jeremy. Aelita’s cuteness is like a mixing between Eleven from Stranger Things & “Strawberry Shortcake.”

My Favorite episodes from this season are “The Key,” (my personal favorite) “New Order,” “Uncharted Territory,” “A Bad Turn & “XANA’s Kiss.”

Towards the end of Season 2, a Plot Twist occurs.

I’m gonna come clean. Episode 52 made me cry. I can’t tell you, you’re gonna have to see for yourself. Episode 52 deserves Bonus Points, shedding tears in my eyes.

Season 2’s finale sets up Season 3.

Cons: Not a spoiler. I wanted to see want Jeremy looks like in Lyoko. Gosh Darn It! Now I’ll never know.

Episode 39 has a flaw when it comes to a crab like monster capable of leaving a scanner.

Episode 32 shows a student gets detention for the stupidest reason. Who runs this school, Adolf Friggin’ Hitler?

Episode 48 has nothing to do with the story arc. I think it’s my least favorite.

Episode 27 – New Order

Fresh: Set after Season 1’s final episode, Aelita moves to The Gang’s boarding school.

The Gang use new vehicles for them to travel faster.

Episode 27’s title is named after an 80s band, known for their hit, “Blue Monday.”

The Gang’s first fight with a new monster, indicates Season 2 will be a more difficult challenge than Season 1.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” is referenced.

Aelita’s fake last name is Stones. A reference to “The Rolling Stones.” I did in fact, chuckle.

William Dunbar & Franz Hopper make their first appearance. Both new characters play a pivotal role.

Aelita begins to have flashes of Hopper. Again, he has an important role.

Aelita screaming in peril, is kinda cute.

Expired: Nothing found.

Episode 28 – Uncharted Territory

Up: After being bullied, Aelita struggles to adjust at school. When the show ended, I feel sad for her. I can’t tell you, you’re gonna have to watch the entire show.

A nightmare sequence is shown with a fairy like creature running from danger. The fairy plays a key role in later episodes.

Ulrich, Odd & Jeremy investigate Hopper’s whereabouts.

Not a spoiler. A new monster created by XANA is very dangerous whose goal is to extract Aelita’s DNA.

Down: No con found.

Episode 29 – Exploration

Found: The Gang explore a new sector called, “Sector Five.”

Yumi’s parents are suspicious about their daughter’s secret.

Sector Five is a dangerous labyrinth filled with XANA’s monsters.

Lost: Didn’t find no cons.

Episode 30 – A Great Day

Happy: This episode is partially inspired by “Groundhog Day” known for its time loop repeating the day.

XANA takes control of a human being. Thus, the stakes escalate.

Sad: Nothing bad discovered.

Episode 31 – Mr. Pück

Alive: The titular doll plays a key role in this episode.

A human being is possessed by XANA yet again.

A fight scene pays tribute to “The Three Stooges.”

Holy Crap, this episode was intense.

Dead: Episode 31 never showed me Jeremy’s appearance on Lyoko.

Episode 32 – Saint Valentine’s Day

Pretty: A locket possesses somebody. It also causes a dilemma with members of The Gang. To quote Admiral Ackbar, “IT’S A TRAP!”

Spider-Man is mentioned. Coincidentally, the video game, “Ultimate Spider-Man” came out in 2005.

Ugly: Principle Delmas (Sissi’s dad) gives an individual detention for falling during class. Who the hell gives a student detention for accidentally falling down? What if someone faints or suffers a stroke?

Episode 33 – Final Mix

First: Aelita discovers a hidden talent. She’s invited as a DJ at a dance party.

XANA picks a new person stronger than the last three people he took control over. Meaning, he’s got serious business.

This episode was so intense.

Jim acts strange when he does an impression of Kurt Russell’s character Jack Burton from “Big Trouble in Little China.”

Last: No con spotted.

Episode 34 – Missing Link

Lucky: Yumi is stranded on Lyoko as a result of XANA’s jellyfish draining a portion of her DNA. Yumi is basically the Rodney Dangerfield of Code Lyoko, because she gets no respect.

Aelita makes an insane decision.

Back on Earth, Ulrich embarks on a stealth mission.

Sissi is recruited to fill in for Yumi on Picture Day.

Unlucky: Nothing terrible happened.

Episode 35 – The Chips Are Down

Yummy: Yumi & her family are moving when her father gets laid off.

Ulrich comes up with a “get rich quick” scheme so Yumi and her family can stay using the time reversal risking what he can, regardless of XANA getting stronger. He later redeemed himself for his mistake.

Spider-Man is mentioned again.

The Gang fight an army of crabs.

XANA takes over a human being.

Nasty: No trace of a boo boo spotted.

Episode 36 – Marabounta

Neat: Jeremy tests out a program developed by Hopper.

The Gang & XANA are forced to work together, due to a technical mishap.

Cluttered: Couldn’t find anything wrong.

Episode 37 – Common Interest

Common: The Super Computer’s battery is declining. XANA goes on a one-man assault mission, possessing a convict to search for a replacement. If the battery dies, so does him & Aelita.

XANA enters the password 123456. Perhaps it was an intentional joke? In the words of Dark Helmet from “Spaceballs, “That’s the stupidest combination I’ve ever heard in my life!”

Uncommon: Nothing found.

Episode 38 – Temptation

Calm: Jeremy tries out one of Hopper’s experiments.

Jeremy begins to act strange

XANA controls an ambulance. He also takes over a human.

Angry: A plot hole involving why Ulrich doesn’t know how to go back in time. Remember Episode 35? Ulrich did it without any help.

Episode 39 – A Bad Turn

Good: Aelita goes on a solo mission to stop XANA from transferring monsters to Earth.

Aelita learning to drive a car, foreshadows her one girl mission without help.

William assists The Gang.

Bad: How the actual heck are crabs capable of leaving a scanner room. Doesn’t make any gosh darn sense.

Episode 40 – Attack Of The Zombies

Healthy: XANA transforms his prey into zombies. I guess he was watching “Dawn of the Dead.”

I laughed my rump off when a character shouted, “Kill the zombies!”

Infected: Nothing found.

Episode 41 – Ultimatum

Yay: Odd & Yumi are kidnapped by XANA. He takes them hostage in exchange for Aelita.

Sissi factors in helping Aelita, Jeremy & Ulrich.

James Bond is mentioned. Back in 2005, Daniel Craig was filming the reboot, “Casino Royale.”

A character I dislike from Episode 32 gets knocked out. Karma’s a bitch.

Nay: No boo boo seen.

Episode 42 – A Fine Mess

Bow: Due to a glitch, Odd & Yumi switch bodies. They must get used to being stuck for a day until Jeremy can reverse their predicament.

Odd & Yumi have fish out of water moments as they have a hard time trapped in each other’s body.

Catwoman is mentioned. At least nobody brought up Halle Berry’s kitty litter clunker.

Punish: Lacking flaws.

Episode 43 – XANA’s Kiss

Sweet: XANA attempts to manipulate The Gang’s romantic feelings using a shapeshifter.

Somebody said a NOT joke. I thought “Borat” said it. What’s next Aelita shouting Ali G’s “Booyakasha?”

Episode 43’s last scene is played for laughs.

Sour: Nope. No boo boos.

Episode 44 – Vertigo

Up: Ulrich suffers from the titular fear. He must overcome it.

A member of The Gang turns invisible. They must solve this predicament.

XANA controls a small group of feral animals.

Spider-Man is mentioned for the third time again.

Another Marvel character, Susan Storm/Invisible Woman from “Fantastic Four” is mentioned. Jessica Alba played her in that god awful 2005 movie and sequel with Silver Surfer. She’s attractive yet a terrible actress.

Down: Lacking cons.

Episode 45 – Cold War

Warm: A documentary filmmaker visits the school.

XANA creates a deadly snowstorm. Thank God, Al Gore did not appear in this episode, bitchin’ about Global Warming.

Cold: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 46 – Déjà Vu

Smart: Aelita suffers from unpleasant visions. They start making sense as the plot thickens.

More info about Hopper commences forward.

Dumb: No boo boos found.

Episode 47 – Tip Top Shape

Fit: XANA takes control of a victim.

A fight scene in the real world felt legit.

A character performs a Kamehameha. Goku’s signature attack from “Dragon Ball Z.”

Unfit: No con seen.

Episode 48 – Is Anybody Out There?

Present: Sissi investigates the boiler room believing the school might be haunted by a ghost.

Absent: This episode has nothing to do with Season 2’s story arc. It’s my least favorite episode.

Episode 49 – Franz Hopper

Victory: Episode 49’s title is obviously named after the mysterious scientist.

The Gang celebrate Jeremy’s birthday.

Hopper makes an appearance.

The Gang are forced to survive without their equipment.

XANA creates a manipulative ploy.

Defeat: Lacking flaws.

Episode 50 – Contact

High: Sissi begins to act strange.

A short movie made by one of the students, made me laugh.

The Gang receive a mysterious message.

Episode 50’s ending makes total sense.

Low: No boo boos spotted.

Episode 51 – Revelation

Clear: A Plot Twist reveals a shocking truth. When I was a kid, I didn’t see it coming.

A one-on-one fight scene in Lyoko felt intense.

Something helps The Gang on their mission.

XANA uses a shapeshifter.

Blind: Couldn’t find anything wrong.

Episode 52 – The Key

Unlocked: We learn more about Hopper.

Episode 52 is my personal favorite episode of Season 2.

The Stakes are extremely high.

I’m gonna come clean. Episode 52 made me cry. I have no choice but to give it a boatload of Bonus Points.

Season 2’s finale sets up Season 3. Meaning, The Gang are not stepping out.

Locked: No flaws found.

The Final Verdict: A-

From my point of view, Code Lyoko’s second season is perhaps the best season. I was gonna give Season 2 a B, if it weren’t for Episode 52’s dramatic moment making me cry, it definitely deserves an A- alongside every positive element I’ve listed. As of October 2020, Code Lyoko is now available to stream on Netflix. I recommend Seasons 1-4.

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