The Matrix Revolutions

After “The Matrix Reloaded” came out in May 2003, a third installment titled, “The Matrix Revolutions” was filmed back to back with the aforementioned second movie to The Matrix Trilogy.”

The Matrix Revolutions was released six months after its predecessor came out. It received mixed reviews from critics and movie goers alike. Despite mixed reception, it barely made enough revenue at the box office.

A fourth movie is in the works scheduled for a release date in 2022. It was originally gonna be slated for a 2021 release, but due to the ongoing Coronavirus, will just have to give The Cast & Crew some time to resume work. By the way, Keanu Reeves will be in “Bill & Ted 3.” Another thing, he’ll be in the highly anticipated video game, “Cyberpunk 2077.”

Today’s review contains some crucial SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the third installment, read at your own risk. Is The Matrix Revolutions an epic disappointment or a satisfying conclusion? Time to find out.

Powerful & Weak Aspects

Powerful: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, Harry Lennix, Monica Bellucci, Lambert Wilson & Hugo Weaving reprise their roles and they all did a decent job for their respective performances.

Action Sequences were awesome to look at. Neo & Smith’s final battle look like a battle from “Dragon Ball Z,” the humans defending Zion from The Machines felt really cool using all their arsenal against them is my favorite part of the whole movie.

Joel Silver produced the third film as he did with the last two chapters.

Don Davis orchestrated music for the film as he did with the last two chapters. I gotta love that track “Navras.”

Cinematography never had any technical issues throughout.

Some of the C.G.I. effects are a hit and miss. I liked Neo’s new ability when he sees the world in flames after his eyes were injured by Smith.

The third film picks up where the second film immediately left off. Neo is caught in limbo between The Matrix & reality after he uses his power in the real world to defeat machines.

Remember one of the Smith clones taking full control of Bane? Well he managed to get out of The Matrix in order to face off with Neo in person.

Speaking of Bane, WB & Christopher Nolan later adapted Batman villain Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” A proper conclusion to an acclaimed trilogy.

I gotta admit Smith’s evil laugh reminded me of Plankton from “SpongeBob SquarePants.” He & Smith both have a monotone voice and an evil laugh.

If you wanna know why The Oracle is a different person, her original actress died before the third chapter was filmed, so they had to find a replacement. The Oracle herself addressed why her appearance changed.

Weak: The Wachowskis didn’t do so well in some aspects of the third installment. The grand finale wasn’t satisfying at all.

When Trinity is mortally impaled by many poles. She somehow talks in a calm way. If this actually happened in real life, she wouldn’t choked on her own blood in agony. You can’t be calm when it comes to being impaled by poles. I didn’t cry, I was rolling my eyes on how illogical it felt for somebody saying their last words in a calming manner.

The Final Battle felt anti-climatic. Smith turns Neo into a clone. It backfires causing all The Smiths to explode in a chain reaction. That doesn’t make any logical sense whatsoever. Even Smith acknowledges it’s not fair for him to lose. No wonder the video game “Path Of Neo” made Smith a Kaiju size boss to fix the problem. “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King” had a legit finale after two movies worth a buildup unlike this so called “Hobbit Trilogy” turning a single book into a trilogy when Peter Jackson became a sellout.

Like I said, some of the C.G.I. effects are a hit and miss. I have mixed feelings over the battle between humans protecting Zion from the machines.

The Central Interface (the equivalent of Master Control Program from Tron) of The Matrix is named, “Deus Ex Machina.” That is the stupidest name to give for a ominous figure I’ve ever heard in my life. Did The Matrix Revolutions just turned into a parody of itself? Who wrote this Mel Brooks?


The Matrix Revolutions is an underwhelming conclusion to The Matrix Trilogy. I believe the third movie is the biggest disappointment of 2003 besides Ang Lee’s “Hulk.” If you want to rewatch The Matrix Trilogy & The Animatrix before The Matrix 4 comes out in 2022, now’s the appropriate time to give them all a watch.

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