My Girl

Hello my fellow movie goers from around the globe. Today’s review is about a boy and girl who are more than close friends in this coming-of-age dramedy known as “My Girl.”

My Girl was released in 1991. (same year Terminator 2: Judgement Day came out) It received mixed reviews from critics. Despite divisive results, it managed to recoup expenses at the box office. Overtime, My Girl became a modern classic among families. The film managed to win an “MTV Movie Award” for “Best Kiss.” A sequel was released in 1994, unlike the first movie, it didn’t do so well.

To prepare for “American Horror Story’s upcoming 10th season with Macaulay Culkin co-starring, I’ve decided to look back at this modern classic dramedy.

Today’s review doesn’t contain no SPOILERS. I’ll give some of y’all a chance to watch. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

Lovely & Garbage Elements

Lovely: Macaulay Culkin & Anna Chlumsky both did a decent job for their respective performances as Thomas & Vada. I can’t take Vada’s name seriously, go to the cons and you’ll understand why. I’m gonna be using quotes by Vader as a running gag for Vada’s name mentioned.

Other Cast Members such as Jamie Lee Curtis & Dan Aykroyd both did a good job for their respective performances.

The Tone is lighthearted and sad at the same time.

Brian Grazer produced the film courtesy of his production company “Imagine Entertainment.”

Cinematography felt alright lacking Shaky Cam.

James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games Trilogy) orchestrated music for the film.

The film’s title is obviously named after The Temptations song. Hollywood’s got a habit for naming movies after songs.

My Girl takes place in 1972. A year after my parents were born.

The chemistry between Thomas & Vada “You are part of The Rebel Alliance and a traitor, take her away!” served as the main highlight.

Death serves as an important theme. It’s used to foreshadow the infamous death scene.

We learn about Vada’s “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” backstory about someone in her past.

Vada “Search your feelings.” is conflicted over her father dating a woman named, Shelley since her mother died. As the film progresses, she learns to respect her.

For those who have sensitive side, you’re gonna cry. I didn’t due to a character’s name that unintentionally cracked me up. Be sure to bring a couple of tissues, because you’ll have a hard time resisting. As I said earlier, I didn’t burst into tears.

Garbage: I’m probably gonna get negative comments. I can’t take Vada’s name seriously. Every time I hear that name, I think of Darth Vader. Seriously?! Who the heck names their kid Vada? Sorry folks, gotta Double Down Points for ruining serious moments hearing Vada. Especially that “Where are his glasses” scene. If I were a screenwriter or producer, I want the her renamed as Carole, Karen or Karina or whatever name that doesn’t sound hokey. Am I watching a dramedy or an unintentional full on comedy.

I’m gonna come clean, I didn’t cry during the “Where are his glasses” scene. I blame Vada’s “You don’t know the power of The Dark Side” name for butchering a dramatic moment. I haven’t cried uncontrollably since “Logan.” My Girl failed to make me sob. Even Matthew McConaughey’s crying from “Interstellar” is way sadder than My Girl’s tragic death scene!

The Final Verdict: B-

Despite picking on Vada’s “No I am your father.” name, My Girl is an average coming-of-age drama that’ll make some people cry. Performances, chemistry, setting, character development and some things on the positive section listed indicate this movie still holds up. If you want to introduce your kids to this classic dramedy, go ahead and give it a watch.

Note to self, I’ll never name my future kid Vada. It’s totally embarrassing for a Star Wars fan.

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