In August 2001, a month before 9/11, The F.B.I. apprehend a man under the alias, “Uncle Jerry” responsible for organizing a $24 million scam involving McDonald’s Monopoly with ties to The Mafia. Nineteen Years Later, a documentary on HBO uncovers the multi-million dollar scheme. The documentary I’m referring to is none other than “McMillions.”

McMillions aired on February 2020. (same month Birds Of Prey came out) It earned good reviews from television critics and viewers alike.

Today’s review doesn’t matter if SPOILERS are mentioned. I won’t go into full detail about McMillions, because I want a documentary to speak for itself. Let the people getting interviewed do all the talking. This review is also a short one. Not really an epic movie or a story arc building up to a conclusion,

Positive & Negative Aspects

Positive: Mark Wahlberg served as an executive producer of the documentary mini-series.

Specific individuals are interviewed as each one recalls his/her experience about the $24 million scheme which changed their lives forever.

As each episode progresses, we learn more crucial facts about the scam led by a man under the alias, “Uncle Jerry.”

The Mafia, now defunct company Simon Marketing, The F.B.I. and the people who were screwed over as “winners” factor in the scam.

We’re all familiar with McDonald’s Monopoly. Game Pieces obviously play a crucial part. Whoever acquired a piece worth a million shall cash in a big fat paycheck to the bank.

“Winners” are interviewed about how he/she were manipulated by the mob as pawns. I’m relieved any of my family members didn’t get used by the mob. Otherwise, it could’ve been a living nightmare.

The final part reveals the identity of an informant.

The scam’s timeline is spanned from 1989 to 2001.

The entire series ends with a “where are they now” credits.

Negative: I couldn’t spot no problems spotted in this six part documentary. I’m giving the crew an extra point for acquiring coverage as much as they can.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

McMillions is a fascinating documentary mini-series worth your spare time. It’s not a boring true story. If you’re interested in watching McMillions, I strongly recommend it. Now that everything is in good shape, let’s see if anybody can get a proper chance to compete to win prizes for an upcoming McDonald’s Monopoly game in March 25th, 2020. I’ll be one of the people to begin immediately.

If Ben Affleck & Matt Damon collaborate in a movie based on the McDonald’s Monopoly scam, this could be a potential crime-drama worth the price of admission.

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