Destination Wedding

Greetings fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s review is an obscure rom-com starring Kenau Reeves & Winona Ryder as a pair of strangers who are invited to a wedding. As their trip progresses, they become close to one another. The plot I’m referring to is none other than “Destination Wedding.”

Destination Wedding was released in 2018. It received mixed reviews from critics and it failed to recoup its expenses at the box office.

Now that Stranger Things’ third season with Winona Ryder is streaming right now on Netflix & Kenau Reeves’ “John Wick: Chapter 3” is out since May 2019, I’d like to share my thoughts on this obscure deconstructed rom-com.

This reviews contains some SPOILERS. Is this a good film or one big pile of disappointment? Time to find out! I’ll have you know that this article is a mini-review, because Destination Wedding isn’t a large scale epic like The Avengers or a complex mystery thriller. Bear with me.

Yay & Nay Qualities

Yay: Keanu Reeves & Winona Ryder both did a solid job for their respective performances.

Fun Fact: Kenau & Winona are good friends in real life. They also starred in “Dracula,” (1992) “A Scanner Darkly” & “The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee.”

Chemistry between Keanu & Winona’s characters Frank & Lindsay served as the primary highlight for the entire movie. I see this as a crossover fan fiction of John Wick & Stranger Things similar to playing with action figures setting up your own movie or show.

The only things that got me laughing was the pair’s cynical behavior, bickering at each other, Frank’s snoring & a cougar who somewhat appears outta nowhere.

Frank is often wearing a suit. All I can think of is John Wick alongside his beard. I expect him to talk about his beloved dog.

Both main leads bring up their backstories to each other.

Cinematography never had any problems.

Lindsay mentioned “Devil’s Advocate.” Coincidentally, Kenau also starred in Devil’s Advocate.

Frank mentioned “Superman.” Superman’s pal “Aquaman” also had a film released in 2018 around the same time as Destination Wedding.

Nay: Despite a strong chemistry between Frank & Lindsay, all they do is complain & moan. They don’t participate in wedding activities, just sit & drink wine like couch potatoes yelling at a television set watching The New England Patriots winning a Super Bowl.

Although I laughed a couple times, it can be easily boring you might no longer care for the film. If you’re not into low scale films, you will be easily bored.

The movie lacked a proper Three Act Structure.

I forgot who the bride & groom were. I have no clue about those two. Without evidence, there is nothing interesting to build up a narrative.

I know it’s supposed to be a deconstructed rom-com, but what’s the point of two characters invited wedding suddenly don’t want to go but they have to. The whole is one big contradiction for the two leads who just want to but they dislike attending weddings. Doesn’t make any sense.

The Ending felt predictable. Admit it, we know they’re gonna be back together just like nearly every rom-com film.

The Final Verdict: C-

Even though Keanu Reeves & Winona Ryder tried their best, Destination Wedding is one big pile of disappointment lacking an interesting storyline, no sense of buildup & a cohesive Three Act Structure. I assume that Destination Wedding is a big excuse for Keanu & Winona going on a vacation together as friends. If you want to watch a legit rom-com wedding, I highly recommend “Wedding Crashers.” Don’t forget to watch Stranger Things’ third season & Toy Story 4 with Kenau Reeves as Duke Kaboom.

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