Avengers: Age Of Ultron

After the overwhelming success of The Avengers, Marvel Studios immediately began development on a string of films including Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians Of The Galaxy & Ant-Man. In addition to motion pictures, the studio expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for short) into the small screen by making a deal with Netflix to develop tv shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist. One film I’ve decided to review is a sequel to The Avengers called “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.”

Avengers: Age Of Ultron was released in 2015. (same year Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out) It received positive reviews from critics, fans and movie goers. Plus, it made a boatload of money at the box office.

With the upcoming Infinity War coming out in April 27, here are the pro n’ cons I’ve listed in response to Marvel’s most ambitious project.

The following review is a NON-SPOILER article. Feel free to read it.

Positive: The Main Cast reprise their roles and they did an awesome job for their respective performances.

Fun Fact: Scarlet Johansson was pregnant at the time during filming, stunt doubles were hired to work on her stunts.

Jeremy Renner’s character Clint Barton/Hawkeye, has a much bigger role than his appearance in the first movie.

Paul Bettany, who voices JARVIS, also plays a core member of The Avengers.

In addition to The Team, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba & Stellan Skarsgård reprise their roles from separate stand alone films about their own best friend. 

Newcomers to the MCU including Andy Serkis, James Spader, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen & Linda Cardellini all did a decent job on their performances.

Joss Whedon returns to the director’s chair, he did a fantastic job on directing and writing.

According to Joss, the sequel is influenced by The Empire Strikes Back & The Godfather Part II.

Joss mentioned that the film’s theme is Death.

Second Installment is more personal to The Team.

Action Sequences kept my blood pumping from start to finish. Without giving too much away, My favorite fight scene is a battle between Hulkbuster & Hulk. If you’re familiar with a Hulkbuster, you’re probably gonna get it. Why didn’t Zack Snyder craft a battle like this in Batman Vs. Superman?

The Climatic Battle kept me entertained. When The Stakes get high, all it takes is a huge gamble whether you’ll win or lose.

Veteran Composer, Danny Elfman (Tim Burton’s collaborator, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man) orchestrated the soundtrack.

Visual Effects are filled with visual eye candy. I’m totally giving the effects team Bonus Points for working their butts off, they definitely deserve a Christmas Bonus!

Even though the film is darker than its predecessor, humor retains a few funny moments.

Opening Scene starts in a very big way which sets up The Main Conflict.

In nearly every Marvel movie related tradition, Stan Lee makes cameo appearance yet again. I’m giving Stan an Extra Point for saying his catchphrase. If you know what I mean.

Arc Words are: “You did not see that coming!”

If you recall Loki’s scepter from The Avengers, it is played as a pivotal role connected to one of the soul gems.

Without giving too much away, one of the team members proves he/she’s worthy to carry Thor’s hammer.

Black Widow’s backstory is expanded in a flashback scene.

Andy Serkis’ character Klaw, makes his first appearance prior to his bigger role in Black Panther. Perhaps it was a subtle wink to us fans that Marvel is bringing The King Of Wakanda on the silver screen.

One character mentioned “smaller agents.” Is this a hidden reference to Spy Kids or Codename Kids Next Door?

Tony at one point, wears a Bruce Lee t-shirt. Looks like Iron Man has been taking Jeet Kune Do lessons, if he’s forced to engage in combat without his armor.

An unexpected Death Scene occurs. I refuse to spill the beans, you’re gonna have to see for yourself.

A Mid-Credits Scene is shown which sets up Infinity War.

Negative: Ever since Aaron Taylor-Johnson  & Elizabeth Olsen played a married couple in the 2014 reboot of Godzilla, I find it very uncomfortable to see them play as twins. I swear to god I’m not making this up, in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch were possibly into each other. If Aaron & Elizabeth kissed each other onscreen, I’m Tripling Down Points. Again, I find it disgusting and repulsive! It should be illegal to cast onscreen siblings as lovers!

Cinematography mostly contains Shaky Cam. Was the cameraman consuming too much Red Bull?

Product Placement featuring certain brands such as Dr. Pepper, Samsung, Beats Earphones & Adidas. I’ll give this flaw a pass, because I couldn’t find more brands to spot.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BREATHTAKING!

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is a decent entry to the MCU. Despite two things listed as negatives, I managed to enjoy the second film. I can’t wait for Infinity War to tie up loose ends linked to Thanos and The Infinity Gauntlet. If you’re excited as I am, watch Age Of Ultron right now as a sign to refresh your knowledge of the MCU lore.

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