Furry Vengeance

What’s happens if you combine a Disney Channel Original Movie with a cheap knock-off of DreamWorks’ Over The Hedge? You get an epic failure called, “Furry Vengeance” from the studio that brought you The Twilight Saga and starring male leading has been, Brendan Fraser.

Furry Vengeance was opened worldwide in 2010. Upon release, it was critically panned by critics and it was a modest box office success. This is the film that damaged Brendan Fraser’s career as a leading actor. No wonder Dwayne Johnson took over his role in Journey 2!

With the upcoming release of James Corden’s upcoming Peter Rabbit movie, which’ll probably be the worst children’s film adaptation since Mike Myers as The Cat In The Hat. I want to show you an animals against a human related film that made my nerve cells died from stupidly.

The following review contains big fat SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen this film, read at your own risk.

Spotless & Polluted Aspects

Spotless: Brendan Fraser’s character, Dan, had a nightmare within a nightmare. Dagnabbit! I have to give this pro a point, because Inception has a pivotal plot point involving a dream within a dream scenario. Plus, Inception also came out the same year as Furry Vengeance.

Only two scenes made me laugh out loud. Dan reacts to a boulder by screaming… MILEY CYRUS!” As a cuss word. So that’s why Miley came up with the idea for “Wrecking Ball.” Last scene is when a bear traps Dan inside a port a potty, moments later, he ends up like Steve-O covered in poop. Does Jackass 3-D ring any bells?

Polluted: A few scene with the animals are designed in poorly rendered C.G.I. resembling a Disney Channel Movie’s use of obviously cheap looking Special Effects.

Besides two funny scenes that made me laugh, I’ve lost my ability to laugh, due to repetitive jokes involving skunks spraying their “secret weapons,” the critters occasionally talk like Alvin & The Chipmunks.

The Main Conflict is a rip-off of Hey Arnold The Movie or a Captain Planet episode about caring for the environment. Nickelodeon, you better get a lawyer to sue Sumit Entertainment.

Speaking of rip-off, the unnamed raccoon is the leader of the animals. Why does that sound familiar? A talking raccoon named RJ from Over The Hedge is the leader of the group. EGAD! DreamWorks you definitely need a lawyer to sue this Sumit Entertainment!

Dan miraculously survived a deep fall off a cliff. Did he somehow inject a serum of Wile E. Coyote’s DNA into his bloodstream in order to cheat death? I would’ve been ok if The Narrator from George Of The Jungle suddenly “Breaks The Fourth Wall” by stating that “Nobody dies in this movie, they just get really big boo boos!” It broke my Suspension Of Disbelief!

When Dan hides inside a port a potty, a bear steals his pants even though the bear is outside. Did he hire Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde from X-Men to go through the port a potty to steal Dan’s pants? I find that inconsistent!

Ken Jeong’s role as a greedy business man without redeeming qualities, predicted his future role as the villain from Norm Of The North. I have to Double Down this con involving Mr. Chow’s playing the same character in another god awful flop.

During the day, Dan tells his boss goodnight before he hangs up. Screenwriting 101, make sure you check on what specific day the scene is taking place if its during the day or night.

Product Placement featuring the following brands including, Panasonic, Nike, Facebook, Nintendo, Apple, Byrne Dairy, and last but not least, Hybrid.

Dan mentioned a leach on his “no no zone.” In the words of Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic. “You know, for kids!”

Dan’s son, Tyler, develops a relationship with a girl way too soon whom I barley know about, and they lack chemistry together. In real life, it’ll take a couple days or weeks to get to know each other before you start a relationship.

Tyler screams in horror when Dan bought a Wii. If I friends with Tyler, I would say, “You’re father has bought you a new Wii, please thank him for his hard working effort as a sign of gratitude!”

During The End Credits Sequence. There’s a Dance Number with The Cast singing and dancing to Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Membrane,” while spoofing popular movies. Good lord this film is so desperate that’s i is trying to be a spiritual successor to Over The Hedge or attempting to replicate endings related to DreamWorks Animation films. Gonna have to Double Down this con for making my brain cells die from graphic stupidity!

The Final Verdict: F, FOR FAKER!

In my opinion, Furry Vengeance has got to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. After watching the entire movie, I felt stupider than Patrick Star, who’s Spongebob’s best friend. Do not waste your precious time on this FAKER! If you want to watch a proper movie involving animals against humans, I strongly recommend Over The Hedge, because it has a better storyline, characters, humor, and music by Ben Folds.

I’m gonna predict that Peter Rabbit is gonna be the next Furry Vengeance/The Cat In The Hat. Who else agrees that this movie will be a big time Razzie Award winning stinker? If so, please leave a comment.

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