Wild Hogs

In 1998, John Travolta & William H. Macy, worked on a film called, “A Civil Action.” While working on the film, the pair decided to come up with another project under the name, “Wild Hogs.” It was put on hold, due to schedule conflicts involving their careers. Nine Years Later, the film was officially distributed by Disney’s subsidiary, Touchstone Pictures.

Wild Hogs was released in 2007. The film received negative reviews from critics, despite being critically panned, it managed to make enough money at the box office. After a string of box office failures since Battlefield Earth, Wild Hogs was John Travolta’s first successful money maker since The General’s Daughter. Due to the film making a lot of cash, Disney was originally gonna develop a sequel to Wild Hogs with The Cast reprising their roles as the titular group, unfortunately, plans were scrapped because of Disney’s disastrous film called, “Old Dogs” starring John Travolta & Robin Williams.

This review doesn’t contain any SPOILERS. It means you’re allowed to read this article, just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet. Is it as bad as critics claimed. Time to get to the bottom of this investigation right away!

Positive: William H. Macy, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, & John Travolta, all did a decent job as The Four Leads in their titular gang.

Other Cast Members such as Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei, Stephen Tobolowsky, John C. McGinley & The Sklar Brothers, also did a decent job on their performances.

Character Development involving The Four Leads as they start acting like a gang together and also adapting to their surroundings. The Bad Guy in the movie, also has Character Development as well!

John Travolta’s character is named Woody. Every time I hear Tim Allen saying Woody, Buzz Lightyear pops into my head. I think this was an intentional in-joke to Toy Story. Touchstone Pictures, (the name of the production company) is owned by Disney. I guess they were giving us several winks to the audience.

The Humor in this film made me laughed several times.

William H. Macy’s character Dudley, has a unique dance move called, “The Sprinkler.”

In one scene, White Zombie’s “Thunder Kiss 65” plays in the background. Rob Zombie, who’s the lead singer of the band, also directed a remake of Halloween which also came out the same year as Wild Hogs.

One character did a jab on Product Placement by applying an Apple logo tattoo on his arm.

Cinematography is filled with gorgeous shots of the group traveling on their bikes.

Peter Fonda, (Mephisto from Ghost Rider) Hèctor Jiménez (Nacho Libre’s sidekick) & Kyle Gass (half of the duo from Tenacious D) make cameo appearances, I have no choice but to give Kyle, Bonus Points for making me laugh so hysterically.

There’s a scene during The End Credits Sequence.

Negative: One character starts a relationship way too soon. In real life, it’ll take several days to get to know each other, before two people officially begin a serious relationship.

There’s a butt shot featuring one of the main characters. Feels like my brain cells just barfed on what I just witnessed with my own two eyes!

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BIKERS GALORE!

In my opinion, Wild Hogs is a funny as heck biker film that managed to give me a couple of laughs. Honestly, I didn’t see this as a critical flop like Epic Movie or most Direct-To-DVD Disney sequels nobody wanted. If I were you, I recommend this movie for you and your friends, just in case if you get bored way too easily. Trust me, you’re gonna laugh your butt off!

Dang it Disney for scrapping Wild Hogs 2! One day it’ll happen, as long as The Four Leads are healthy enough to get back on their bikes.

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