Flashback Review: Snow Day

Let’s go back to the year 2000, starting with one of the earliest films of the early 21st Century. Today’s review is about several characters who celebrate a day off from school with a specific storyline involving children trying to prevent a snowplow from scooping off the snow, a weatherman who’s struggling to achieve television ratings from a rival weatherman and a teen who attempts to woo the girl of his dreams. What I’m actually talking about is the various plotlines from Nickelodeon’s “Snow Day.”

Snow Day was released in January, 2000 (same year Christopher Nolan’s Memento came out) The month where stinkers are released like a bag of dog poop on fire. At the time of it’s release, Snow Day received negative reviews from critics, however, young movie goers like it. Despite negative results, it was also a modest box office success.

Today’s review doesn’t contain any important SPOILERS. Some are light, so feel free to read my article.

Cozy & Uncomfortable Elements

Cozy: Most of the kids actors including Josh Peck, (back when he was a fat kid) Zena Grey, who played Natalie, bears a striking resemblance to young Murph from “Interstellar,” all did a good job on their performances.

Fun Fact: Josh, & Zena went on to co-star as Max Keeble’s closet friends in Max Keeble’s Big Move.

Chevy Chase, (Clark Griswald from the Vacation movies) & Chris Elliot, (Robert Barone’s brother-in-law from Everybody Loves Raymond) both did an ok job on their performances.

Musician, Iggy Pop, makes a cameo appearance. To put the icing on the cake, he did a jab at Metallica. Metallica contributed a song for “Mission Impossible II” titled, “I Disappear.” Mission Impossible II came out the same year as Snow Day. Metallica’s got the last laugh.

The Film is told in multiple storylines, similar to Robert Altman’s work involving multiple plots connected in one movie.

Natalie’s wish was inspired by “The Simpsons” episode, “Bart Gets An F.” Are The Simpsons writing staff the same pregcogs from “Minority Report” who predict on what’s gonna happen in the future? If so, I demand answers!

The Opening Scene reminded me of The Opening Scene from “War Of The Worlds” with Tom Cruise. Did Steven Spielberg or David Koepp, watch Snow Day with their kids? If so, I’ll give this movie an Extra Point for inspiring one of them to come up with War Of The World’s opening.

If you’re a fan of “Stranger Things” like me, Foreigner’s song, “I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You,” is played in the background.

Most of the humor managed to give me a couple of laughs.

A few fart jokes, made me laugh uncontrollably. I have a fascination of flatulence in comedy.

At one point, Natalie’s friends were playing “Rugrats: The Search For Reptar” on the PlayStation 1. (the original that started it all) Those were the good ol’ days 90’s Kids & 90’s Babies. One more thing, “Rugrats In Paris” came out the same year as Snow Day.

Uncomfortable: Jean Smart’s character Laura, is portrayed as a workaholic. In a family movie, it’s a cliche to depict a parent as a workaholic. Seeing this trope belongs in “The Department Of Redundancy.”

Product Placement featuring the following brands including, Sony, Ford, Homeycomb. I’ll give this flaw a pass, because I couldn’t find more brands to spot in front of my own two eyes.

A one dimensional moronic bully who doesn’t have any redeeming qualities, plus he knows nothing about his ex-girlfriend from the past. Nobody does that in Real Life! What kind of idiot doesn’t remember his/her acquaintance? He’s not Guy Pearce’s character Leonard in “Memento!”

I wish I was making this up. One of the most bizarre scenes is when Natalie talks to her brother’s action figures who’ve somehow come to life. Did she somehow accidentally walked into the set of “Requiem For A Dream” and accidentally mistook some of Ellen Burstyn’s “props” for candy offscreen? If you remember that scene with Ellen’s character, Sarah Goldfarb, hallucinating that she’s on television. You probably know what I’m talking about. If this was depicted in real life, I would’ve flipped the heck out like Sid from “Toy Story!”

The Final Verdict: B-

When I was kid, I liked it. As I got older, I’ve noticed a few flaws. Honestly, I actually enjoyed as an adult. If you have nothing to do during winter break, I recommend this movie for you and your family. Come on critics, it wasn’t THAT bad like “Battlefield Earth” or “Rocky & Bullwinkle.”

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