Child’s Play 2

After the success of Child’s Play, series creator, Don Mancini, felt relieved that his film became a critical & commercial success. As a result, he began to write a follow up to the first movie called “Child’s Play 2.” Brad Dourif reprises his role as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, the main antagonist of the series along with Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, Chucky’s main adversary similar to Freddy Krueger’s main opponent, Nancy Thompson.

Released in 1990, Child’s Play 2 was a commercial success, unfortunately, it didn’t receive the same critical success like the first installment. As the films went on, Chucky became a Horror icon spawning more sequels including an upcoming follow up to all of the previous entries. As a treat, I’m gonna go through all of the films before Cult Of Chucky comes out on October.

The following review contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the first one, its a must see movie and it is a requirement to continue the series. If not, read at your very own risk!

Pros: Alex Vincent & Brad Dourif reprise their roles from the previous film and they once again did a fantastic job for their respective performances.

Chucky is resurrected in an awesome way.

A doll resembling Chucky is named Tommy. Did Mancini predicted Rugrats? Does Hollywood own a precognition system like the Precogs from Minority Report?

Chucky writes a message to Andy’s teacher to make it look like Andy did it. Let’s just say if I wrote this to my teacher, I’d be sent to the principal’s office immediately.

Practical Effects were used to bring back Chucky to life with animatronics and stunt doubles.

Chucky’s Best Line for the second entry is “This is it world, from now on, no more Mr. Good Guy!”

In every Horror film, an unsympathetic character ends up getting a taste of his/her medicine. For example, when a bully harasses a girl, Jason from Friday The 13th will give him a one way ticket to Satan’s realm. The villain unintentionally becomes the hero. Chucky becomes one by killing off hated characters.

One scene made me laugh is when a police officer pulls over Kyle’s car, he questions her, then he questions the doll, Chucky responds by using his real voice instead of the actual childlike voice used to function the doll.

I gotta love the part when Chucky forces Andy to smuggled themselves inside a Chicago Sun-Times delivery truck. The name of the company where Roger Ebert use to write and share his opinions on certain movies since 1967.

The Climax with Chucky’s death scene, is way over the top than the original.

Cons: Andy’s foster dad Mr Simpson, is a complete jerk and extremely unlikeable.

Besides the foster dad, Andy’s teacher is also on the same level as him. As she leaves the classroom for one minute, she locks the door where he’s located inside the exact room!

Seriously! How did Chucky managed to sneak his way through Andy’s classroom, they’re hundreds of witnesses! Was he using a cardboard box to infiltrate his way into the school like Solid Snake off of Metal Gear Solid?

After Andy returns to his foster home, Chucky somehow makes it back in time. Did Mancini forget to show us viewers how Chucky can teleport by using a never before seen voodoo chant? If so, explain please!

The sequel made Chucky an incompetent idiot, he keeps wasting his time to fulfill his quest to become human. The first one handled his race against the clock realistically.

The Final Verdict: C for CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!

This film got me disappointed, but it’s not the worst entry to the franchise, it does have a lot of good elements like the pros I’ve listed. If you want to watch this movie to get ready for Cult Of Chucky, I suggest you to go on right ahead and give it a shot.

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