Tom And Jerry And The Wizard Of Oz

What would happen if you combine two beloved icons from childhood? You mix them both together in a crossover, then you get “Tom And Jerry And The Wizard Of Oz.” This bizzare concept is like putting two properties into a blender or a mixer at a bar.

“The Crossover Gimmick” involving Tom And Jerry meeting other iconic films continued with a follow up to The Wizard Of Oz, even though the original 1939 film never developed an actual sequel, and another one mixed with Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, not the remake with Johnny Depp, but the original movie starring the late Gene Wilder.

The reason why I’ve decided to review the first crossover with The Wizard Of Oz, is because Nostalgia Critic has recently reviewed the crossover with Willy Wonka and I thought about sharing my actual opinion about it.

If you haven’t seen The Wizard Of Oz since childhood, shame on you, because this article is gonna be filled with potential SPOILERS and its required to watch original film before viewing this crossover.

Positive: The Opening Credits recreate The Opening Credits from The Wizard Of Oz and its disclaimer with a twist of the Cat and Mouse element.

Very Few Musical Sequences are still intact. You can’t have the most overrated song of all time if its a Wizard Of Oz parody or a tribute featuring Pink singing a cover version at The Oscars.

Animation looks smooth for the Character Designs as they felt necessary for Tom And Jerry, don’t forget Judy Garland’s likeness used for her iconic role as Dorothy and the cast’s facial appearances matched the late actors.

Unlike Tom And Jerry The Movie, the duo retain their characteristics and they don’t speak throughout the movie.

The Film tried its best not to become a shot for shot remake.

Droopy The Dog is in the crossover with his trademark offscreen transportation. You have to admit it, he probably used Goku’s Instant Transmission before Dragon Ball Z was created.

Negative: There’s no Sepia Filter in the very beginning just like in the original film, come on animators you need to invest on the nostalgia for the love cinema!

Where the heck are the munchkins? They coulda slip a Lord Of The Rings joke with the duo mistaking a munchkin for a hobbit.

The Poppy Field scene wasn’t included.

The Running Time was literally an hour. That’s pretty uncommon for an animated film, it usually takes an hour and a half for something like An American Tail to last this long. A film’s running time lasting 60 minutes is the equivalent of a television drama.

The Concept for this crossover felt underwhelming for me. Nothing exciting, it’s just an excuse to copy and paste a groundbreaking film by adding Tom And Jerry as a distraction.

The Deus Ex Machina for The Climax is when Tom And Jerry manage to find a way to fill a pale of water by literally chasing a cloud of rain which happens to appear out of nowhere. Was there ever a cloud of rain in the original film?

The Final Verdict: C for “Clinking, Clanking, Clattering, Collection Of Caligenous Junk!”

In my opinion, the one word I can summit up with is “Ehh.” That’s right, nothing. I couldn’t find any history on why this “animated movie” was conceived in the first place. Whoever came up with this idea, has been listening way too much Pink Floyd.

If you want to see a proper crossover, I recommend a few good ones such as The Lego Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Wreck-It Ralph.

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