Fantastic Beasts

It’s been 15 years since we first saw Harry Potter bringing magic to life on the big screen. The films are based on the beloved book series by J.K. Rowling. I was 8 years old at the time when the first film was released in 2001. As time went on, each film had a unique story filled with interesting characters, setting, a world you want to live as if it were real. Deathly Hallows was the last time the film/book ended with a satisfying conclusion, until now, we get to back to in time, but with a different cast of characters set in America.

Fun Fact: The film is based on a book by J.K. Rowling, released on the same year as Sorcerer’s Stone. Originally, Rowling decided to sale 80% of the book for charity purposes for poor people across the globe, proving that Rowling has a soft spot for the homeless because of her previous experiences of having financial difficulties.

In 2013, Warner Bros. confirmed that Rowling is writing a script for the film. If the film proves to be a critical & box office success, the studio & Rowling will turn this into a film series just like the previous Potter films. David Yates, director of the previous Potter films, returns to direct the picture. Newcomers have been added to the Harry Potter Series including Eddie Redmayne, Colin Ferrell, Dan Folger, Ezra Miller, & a few unknown actors. Now to talk about the strengths & weakness of the film.

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the film, it’s best not to read this, unless you’ve seen it. Possible spoilers are in this review!

Strengths: The casting of the film is descent. Acting was brilliant, particularly Redmayne’s performance as Newt Scamander, a wizard/magical zookeeper with creatures inside his briefcase that contain a Zoo like world. The visual effects look spot on beautiful for the creatures. Familiar things mentioned from the Potterverse for those who are die hard fans of the series. Recreating 1920’s America, which took a lot of effort for the set pieces.

Weaknesses:  The ending of the film. There’s a mysterious villain of the film who never had a chance to have this much screen time,  background & motivation. Maybe they’re keeping it a mystery for future sequels.

Final Verdict: Gonna separate this for the fans & causal movie goers. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter like me, it’s an A-, or if you’re a non Harry Potter fan, it’s probably gonna be a B- or C for an average film.

Personally, I really enjoyed the film, much like the Harry Potter movies. I know it had some good stuff & flaws, but at the same time, the strengths of the series seems to forgive the fans of the franchise. Who knows if Fantastic Beasts is gonna be on the same level as the Potter films. We shall see when the sequels are complete.

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