Flashback Review: Zenon: Z3

After “Zenon: The Zequel” aired on Disney Channel in 2001 around the same year “Samurai Jack” aired on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel green-lit a third installment of the Zenon series titled, “Zenon: Z3.” Zenon: Z3 officially aired on Disney Channel in 2004. (same year Code Lyoko aired on Cartoon Network) It received negative reviews from […]

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Flashback Review: The Little Rascals

In “The Golden Age of Hollywood,” film producer Hal Roach, was known for producing short films (before television existed) for comedy duo Laurel & Hardy and of course, “Our Gang.” The latter is about a group of poor mischievous children who embark on several misadventures ranging from building a go-kart, organizing an all-boys club, becoming […]

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