Cult Of Chucky

The Premise for Cult Of Chucky, is set after the events of Curse Of Chucky. Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, has return to hunt down his new enemy, Nica. This time she’s been sent to an asylum, claiming that Chucky was responsible for his crimes. Nobody believes her, as a result, she’s been transferred to the asylum […]

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Curse Of Chucky

Nine years after the critical disaster called Seed Of Chucky, series creator, Don Mancini, nearly took him almost a decade to come up with a sixth entry to the franchise. He began to write and direct “Curse Of Chucky, with Brad Dourif returning to portray Chucky yet again. Curse Of Chucky is the first film […]

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Seed Of Chucky

After the release of Bride Of Chucky, series creator, Don Mancini, took a temporary break to come up with another follow up to Bride, by introducing another character related to Chucky, this time son in the fifth film called, “Seed Of Chucky.” Released in 2004, Seed Of Chucky didn’t earn enough box office revenue as […]

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Child’s Play 3

Fresh from working on the first two Child’s Play movies, Universal Pictures pressured series creator Don Mancini, to immediately write another follow up to Child’s Play 2. Creatively exhausted  but with no other choice, Mancini began writing Child’s Play 3. Universal green litted the script and announced a release date one year later. Not kidding […]

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Bride Of Chucky

1991 was an epic failure for the Child’s Play franchise, the third installment was the one that divided most Horror fans and critics. Until 1996, Wes Craven directed a film called “Scream,” earning critical and commercial success. After a long hiatus,  Don Mancini felt encouraged to write Bride Of Chucky due to the popularity of […]

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Child’s Play 2

After the success of Child’s Play, series creator, Don Mancini, felt relieved that his film became a critical & commercial success. As a result, he began to write a follow up to the first movie called “Child’s Play 2.” Brad Dourif reprises his role as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, the main antagonist of the series along […]

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Child’s Play

The 1980’s was an important decade for the Horror movie genre. Many films including Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, & Nightmare On Elm Street, became instant classics due to its main antagonist, backstories, and of course, the bloodbath for each series. One of the most iconic villain in the Horror genre is Chucky from the “Child’s […]

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