The Honeymoon Killers

“The Hooneymoon Killers” was officially released in 1970. (same year Christopher Nolan was born) It received positive reviews from critics and made money at the box office. The Criterion Collection digitally restored the film on DVD/Blu-Ray as spine number 200. First time I ever heard of The Honeymoon Killers, was a video YouTube video of […]

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Blow Out

“Blow Out” was officially released in 1981. (same year Mad Max: The Road Warrior came out) It received praise from critics including Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert. However, the film flopped at the box office. Overtime, Blow Out earned a cult following. Quentin Tarantino mentioned Blow Out as one of his all-time favorite films. Hence, […]

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Jackie Brown

Fresh from winning an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay” courtesy of “Pulp Fiction,” Quentin Tarantino bought the film rights to Elmore Leonard’s “Rum Punch.” Meanwhile, he took his time to work on “From Dusk till Dawn” with his buddy Robert Rodriguez. Due to working on two projects at the same time, Quentin offers Robert the […]

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Reservoir Dogs

Movie Buff and future filmmaker Quentin Tarantino worked at now-defunct video store Video Archives. He clocked out to direct his first film titled, “My Best Friend’s Birthday.” Unfortunately, he became disinterested with half of its running time complete. He mentioned someday he’ll edit missing footage. A few years later, Quentin visited his pal Lawrence Bender […]

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The Whale

In 2012, playwright Samuel D. Hunter produced a dramatic play called, “The Whale.” It’s about a reclusive morbidly obese man named, Charlie trying to reconcile with his daughter for five days straight. The play caught Darren Aronofksy’s attention to adapt it as an independent film. He handpicked Brendan Fraser upon seeing a trailer for “Journey […]

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American Psycho

In 1991, author/screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis published a book titled, “American Psycho.” The story focuses on Patrick Bateman living a double life as a Wall Street investor and serial killer. Nine Years Later a film adaptation starring Christian Bale was released in 2000. (same year Requiem for a Dream came out) It received positive reviews […]

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