Flashback Review: Happy Gilmore

In 1995, six years after making his film debut in “Going Overboard” labeled as a miscalculation, Adam Sandler starred in “Billy Madison.” At the time, critics hated it, but movie goers loved it. Overtime, it gained a cult following. As a fan of Mr. Sandler, it was pretty funny. After Adam got fired on “SNL” […]

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The Blues Brothers

In 1978 during SNL’s early years, Dan Aykroyd & the late John Belushi came up with a musical sketch called, “The Blues Brothers.” The pair play blues musicians Elwood & Jake Blues donning black suits, hats and sunglasses singing and performing over-the-top dance moves. The sketch became an instant hit encouraging Dan & John to […]

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Mac and Me (MGM’s Flops Vol. 1 #6)

In the late 80s, McDonald’s decided to venture into the film industry by producing their ever first motion picture. For no apparent reason, they came up with an idea to make a movie loosely inspired by Steven Spielberg’s beloved classic, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” A trailer showed Ronald McDonald talking to the audience he’s making his […]

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Flashback Review: The Notebook

In 1996, the year “Independence Day” came out and Zendaya was born, then first time author Nicholas Sparks (Message In A Bottle, A Walk To Remember, Dear John) published a book called, “The Notebook.” The story is about Noah & Allie’s relationship in turmoil, due to the fact they come from different social classes struggling […]

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