Flashback Review: The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas

The success of The Flintstones Movie encouraged Universal Pictures to develop a prequel film about how Fred & Barney met their future wives Wilma & Betty. It wasn’t until six years that this movie was finally greenlighted with filmmaker, Brian Levant (also directed Beethoven, Jingle All The Way, Snow Dogs, Are We There Yet?) once again returning to direct since the original he filmed six years ago.

Replacing the cast from the original film are Mark Addy, (A Knight’s Tale, Game Of Thrones) as Fred, Stephen Baldwin, (The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome) as Barney, Kristen Johnson, (3rd Rock From The Sun) & Jane Krakowski, (30 Rock) as Betty. Alan Cumming (Goldeneye, X2, Spy Kids series) portrays The Great Gazoo which is also the character’s first cinematic debut, and Harvey Korman, (Blazzing Saddles, The Flintstones) who was the original actor for Gazoo but this time he plays Wilma’s father.

This article contains SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

Yabba Dabba Do: Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin, & Alan Cumming’s performances.

Funny Moments like a brontosaurus farting out loud, a crying scene with Fred, Barney and Gazoo. A caveman asking “What’s a shoe?”

Once again, the Set Pieces resemble an attraction from an amusement park made by hand.

A wanted poster featuring Fred & Barney’s appearance from the cartoon, rather than Mark Addy & Stephen Baldwin’s likeness.

Rosie O’ Donnell (in a small cameo) finally has a part in the movie she was born to play, a taking octopus. Must’ve been a response to the negative feedback on her portrayal of Betty.

Dino Feces: The C.G.I. is ugly along with a blue screen effect with Gazoo floating around Fred & Barney.

Gazoo tells Fred & Barney to do their mating ritual. This is a kids movie!

The chemistry between Fred/Wilma, Barney/Betty felt rushed in the first act, rather than flowing realistically until the end of the whole movie or a passage of time.

Like the previous entry, rock based puns are present again.

The villain in the prequel felt like the same one from the original all over again. Because he’s a corrupted businessman with a sexy secretary.

Product Placement brands are featured including Burger King, Coca-Cola.

Two Scenes features Fred, showing him as a very tiny person when feels embarrassed by Wilma’s friends as a construction worker & he looses all of his casino chips. When did he developed Powers from Ant-Man? I demand an explanation!

Kristen Stewart appears as an extra as a girl throwing a ring. Not kidding, look it up on her filmography on IMDB.

Gazoo violated his one rule, not to use his powers. He yelled out ACHOO, causing a guard to get knocked out. Was he playing too much Skyrim by shouting out a shockwave?

The Third Act turns into Martin Scorsese’s Casino. Kids won’t get the mobster subplot. Sharktale made a much better mob film in an animated kids movie.

The ridiculous outfit Fred wears while he sings to Wilma, looks like Liberace mixed with Lady Gaga’s weird looking costumes. Gaga if you reading this, don’t even think about wearing something like that. You’ll make a fool out of yourself.

Fred’s singing ability sounds rubbish. Russell Crowe in Les Misérables can sing better than King Baratheon!

Final Verdict: F as in FAKER!

The prequel is much worse than the original! No wonder it bombed at the box office! As a reminder in my previous review on The Flintstones Movie, I strongly recommend you to buy the complete collection on DVD or Blu-Ray, you’ll get a lot of value out of your allowance.

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