Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

In 2014, Marvel released a film about a rag tag group of misfits going on a quest to save the galaxy from a power hungry tyrant. The Guardians learn to respect and get along with one another as a family. The first installment became a critical and commercial success at the box office and praised by the audience, Marvel fans, and critics alike.

Three years later, the sequel came out on May. This time the plot focuses on Star-Lord searching for his biological father and meeting him for the first time while his teammates also have their respective character arcs.

The following review doesn’t contain any SPOILERS. Feel free to read this article if you want a chance to see the movie without giving anything away. In case you don’t remember what happened after the first movie, I recommend watching it again just in case you want to refresh your memory.

Positive: Returning cast members from the first film once again did an excellent job for their performances as well as newcomers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Kurt Russell as Star-Lord’s dad.

The sequel is much more personal than the first film. The main storyline focuses more  on Star-Lord’s back story while his allies also get their own plot lines.

The action sequences are spectacular.

Visual Effects didn’t look fake at all.

Selected songs from Star-Lord’s Awesome Mixtape, are very catchy.

The team’s personalities are completely different due to character development from its predecessor.

The comedy containing witty dialogue, and pop culture references felt suitable, but not like something off of George Clooney’s interpretation of Batman.

The sequel continues the theme of being a family.

The main antagonist is kept under wraps in the marketing campaign. I won’t tell you who it is.

The David vs. Goliath scenario is bigger than the first film. Again won’t tell you who the main baddie is and what he/she wants with team.

There are five scenes during the credits. Don’t get off of your seat, the credits features a lot of creativity like the layouts. I promise you it won’t take you hostage, think of it like an extra treat worth your hard earned cash.

Negative: I don’t recall anything involving graphic stupidity. Guardians once again never had any flaws. Bonus points for being a flawless space adventure.

The Final Verdict: Massive A as in Apex.

Once again, Marvel successfully made a home run! What are you waiting for, get off your Gluteus Maximus and support Guardians 2! I can’t wait to see what Marvel has got for us comic book fans. I wonder if Spider-Man: Homcoming & Thor: Ragnorak are gonna top this and Logan. Who knows, will have to see if they manage to surpass them.



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