Flashback Review: Goldeneye

Today’s Flashback Review involves a nostalgic treat for 90’s kids who grew up during the decade. I of course was born in 1993. The 90’s had several important events, fads, & culture of its time. The Cold War ended, Bill Clinton became president, Nirvana introduced a whole new level of music, Bill Gates created Microsoft Windows, Spice Girls became popular in London, etc.

Goldeneye came out in 1995 after several years of production problems involving MGM such as a legal dispute with long time production company United Artists. After the two  companies put their differences aside, Timothy Dalton, who’s last Bond film was License To Kill, decided to call it quits, the producers of the series thought it was time to recast the role.

Fun Fact: Before Pierce Brosnan was casted as James Bond, several A list stars such as Mel Gibson & Liam Neeson were considered for the role of 007 but they declined due to their busy schedules on other projects.

Goldeneye is the film that got me into the James Bond series along with the N64 video game. As a fan of the series, I started to look back at the films starting with Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Brosnan at first was my favorite Bond actor until Daniel Craig took over as a more realistic portrayal of the iconic spy.

Because each film outside of Daniel Craig’s Bond, depicts the same plot, SPOILERS are in this article.

Good Stuff: Brosnan as Bond did an awesome job without being the goofy Roger Moore persona.

Sean Bean as the main villain was really brilliant as the anti James Bond known as Alec Trevelyan/006.

The Best Line in this film is, “You know James, I was always better!” The Line is uttered by Alec.

Judi Dench makes her first appearance as a female M. She serves as a motherly figure to Bond. She depises him due to his attitude towards women, but deep down, she loves him like a son.

Q made me laugh when Bond mistakes his lunch for a gadget.

The stunts/action sequences including The Tank Chase, still hold up for a film that came out two decades ago.

Famke Janssen as a Xenia, a Russian henchwoman, did a good job. I thought Alan Cumming’s character Boris, was funny using his catchphrase “I am invincible.”

Fun Fact: Famke Janssen & Alan Cumming, went on to play allies once again in X2: X-Men United.

Alec’s motivation for his betrayal on The MI6, was pretty interesting. He’s more than just a one dimensional baddie.

The gadgets I remember the most is the exploding pen, laser watch, and a grapple gun. (DC Comics please don’t sue)

Arc Words for the film are, “For England James.”

I gotta love the Opening Credits. I wish every film should open with an action sequence before the credits start.

Bad Stuff: Like most Bond films, the bad guys at first look super smart professionals on the outside, but on the inside, they arre incompetent to leave James Bond to die in a death trap until he manages to overcome that obstacle. Even Austin Powers made fun of the cliche about leaving the hero die in a death trap.

And one more thing, how did James Bond use the tank to block the train? Did he hire Superman for help? If he did they would’ve finished the film before the third act.

Final Verdict: B for BEAST! (Look it up on urban dictionary). If you’ve haven’t seen Pierce Brosnan as 007 , I highly recommended it.

P.S. Mr. Brosnan if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for introducing me to the series because I grew up watching the Bond movies along with the video games. If it weren’t for you or this movie, I would’ve never got into the franchise or video games in the first place.

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