Dr. Strange

First review is called Dr. Strange: Or How I Learned To Stop Being A Surgeon & Became A Sorcerer To Save The World

The movie was great. Marvel has yet again made another home run.

The acting was decent, Benedict Cumberbatch did a splended job as the cocky arrogant show off turned magician beyond his years. He’s similar to Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man. Bonus Points for casting an actor for playing Sherlock Homes. (Robert Downey Jr also played Holmes in the films) Rachel McAdams did a solid job but she felt like a mix between Rosario Dawson’s character in Daredevil & Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man. Tilda Swinton did good as Strange’s mentor.

Disney stayed true to the source material including the origin story in the modern era, Strange’s costume, & the mythos.

Visual Effects are very imaginative & beautifully immersive like a cross between Inception & Harry Potter.

Storyline wasn’t forgettable & as a viewer I had an awesome trippy ride.

The movie also has tiny flaws including the shaky cam as if someone was drinking too much Monster Energy, plus one of the main villains isn’t similar to the comics but he looks like one of the bad guys from Star Fox 64.

I don’t think Dr. Strange isn’t in the same level as Captain America: Civil War. I’m not saying Strange is a bad film but Marvel is trying something different with the series to make each movie feel unique because we don’t want to see the same story again, we want no tricks we’ve never seen.

Final verdict is a B as in brilliant. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of Marvel or a casual movie goer. Go on and support this movie so we can get more magic worth our big bucks.

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